Abominor are an Icelandic quartet who have created an EP that takes you into the dark bleak Icelandic wastelands, with its cold harrowing vocals and slow doom/sludge. Opening with an almost gothic church like howling, “474” is a raw and brutal track with an awesome guitar riff which leads you in with a slow powerful rhythm. The music comes across as a soundtrack to the dead rising from beneath hollowed grounds, with the hypnotic rhythm of the guitar taking you into a trance. I would’ve liked to have been able to get more from the vocals, although I can’t fault that they suit the atmosphere that they create.

The mid-section erupts into speed/thrash percussion that is well used with some epic blast beats; this is complimented with the calm of the guitar as it is given room to breath and change the tempo of the song. The musicianship is solid and mixed well, although the latter part of the song becomes chaotic and messy in areas. The guitar is is solid and entwines well with the drums and whip of the bass; the vocals enter with no hesitation and continue to haunt the song.

“Opus Decay” is an instant wall of sound, with its mixed texture of the riffs and tempo changes. The slow breakdown again gives the listener time to absorb everything, this give us time to be hypnotized by the whirling guitars, thumping drums and bass. Waiting for the next twist in the songs epic scale, we are greeted with the screams of death and black metal, then joined by screeching guitars that carry and balance the song against the deep vocals that call up the hell within.

Fading out we are left abandoned, wondering what more could have been of this EP. Overall I enjoyed it, the tortured vocals and quality guitar riffs that actually hooked me in on my first listen resulted in a grower for me. The more I listened the more I appreciated what Abominor had to offer here. It may be two songs but with a total running time of 21:61, a whole album could be epic and I want to hear it.

Abominor - “Opus Decay”
4.0Overall Score

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