A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Galactic Empire was formed.

Galactic Empire released their debut album on February 2nd 2017. Featuring metalized covers of the well known and loved tracks from the Star Wars saga. The band successfully Crowdfunded $61,000 after launching their cover of the Star Wars theme in 2016, which was used to cover the costs of recording and touring.

They had initially planned a UK tour initially in December, however this was postponed. The band explained the reason behind this:

“The rebel traitors have stolen our plans for the upcoming December tour dates. We have been forced to reschedule our sonic devastation for February 2017. All tickets sales will be honoured for the new dates, or refunded. There will be no one to stop us this time!”

Watching Galactic Empire in a dark mood lit place like the Hub, was quite fitting. The crowd was a mix of metalheads and Star Wars fans, all joining together to witness a truly out of this world experience. Opening with the traditional Star Wars main theme and proceeded by the ‘The Imperial March’, the music of John Williams is really brought to life. The showmanship was certainly on point throughout the entirety of the set, with such great songs as ‘Across The Stars’ and ‘The Forest Battle’. The band all had a part to play within the Star Wars saga, with a Stormtrooper (Bass Commander) playing bass and Boba Sett blasting beats out on the drums. The band was obviously lead by (Dark Vader), who control the show with his might power of the force. Highlights came from the ‘Cantina’ song and ‘Duel of the Fates’.

There were Star Wars related jokes and even one casualty due to Dark Vader losing his temper and force choking a member of the crew. Plus they joked about relating the firework championships here in Plymouth to that the Empire held on Alderaan. All of this made the experience memorable, it seemed like the kind of thing that everyone could enjoy and would certainly not be limited solely to the metal community. The Imperials were out in force on this night, and I personally was thoroughly impressed to see so many like-minded star wars fans gather to enjoy this phenomenon of John Williams’ music taken to a new level in terms of genre.

There was not a single bad point in my opinion through the show, the performance was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone who has the chance to go and see them!

Galactic Empire’s debut album ‘Galactic Empire’ is available now.

About The Author

Joseph is a guitarist and songwriter for folk metal bands Sköll and Accursed Years, as well as his own black metal side project Nekromancer. His roots are deep within the folk metal scene but he draws inspiration from many other genres including all sub-genres of metal, country, folk and blues. As a keen music enthusiast, festival goer, and CD & Vinyl collector Joseph lives for music. When he's not on the stage performing, he's in the audience watching or somewhere else writing new material for his bands. On top of this he studies Live Sound Engineering with Deep Blue Sound, and hopes to end up working full time in the industry as a performer and sound technician. So when given the opportunity to become a part of Loud-Stuff, and to get even more involved with the music scene, he just couldn't help himself!

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