It’s a cold Sunday night in Bristol, an evening when most might be wrapped up warm in doors with some hot cocoa. However not at the Marble Factory, where plenty of metal heads have gathered to see Soulfly. Opening tonight are Incite [3.5/5.0],who have recently been touring across the UK with Cancer Bats. The crowd is small and partially interested, however it doesn’t stop them pulling off an ok performance. Richie Cavalera’s stage performance was over shadowed with someones love of the smoke machine, from what you could see through the smoke he can dominate the stage well. (Kinda reminded me of Randy Blythe at times in his demeanor). Solid sound, good tunes, just nothing new for me.

My whole reason for coming to this show was Melbourne’s King Parrot [4.5/5.0], their punk energized performance was a must see. Whilst they are setting up, I head down to the front ready for the chaos that is about to begin. Vocalist Matt Young comes on stage like a man possessed, topless as usual (it’s not that warm in the Marble Factory). He screams and sings set opener “Epileptic Butcher” in his unique manner that I love, check out the video “Like A Rat” you’ll get what I mean. The energy on stage is electric, as he throws water over the crowd between songs. “Home is Where the Gutter is” goes down a storm; he climbs almost into the crowd singing as he goes. The rest of the band are great, they really look like they are enjoying themselves. The smoke pours out and we lose sight of King Parrot, but Matt appears with the spotlight beaming behind him center stage. This has been a monumental performance from King Parrot, who I hope grace our shores again soon.

Soulfly [4.0/5.0] seem to produce a new album every year recently, and with the 20 anniversary of Sepultura’s Roots this year. We are reminded that Max Cavalera is always a busy man (Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed), who has created some gems in metal history. However tonight is all about Soulfly, the crowd are suitably happy and ready to get things started. Opening with “We Sold Our Souls to Metal” from 2015 “Archangel” the crowd goes ballistic with excitement, circle pits are encouraged by Max too. Tonight’s set is mixed with a lot of new material, highlighted with some Soulffly classics like “Back To the Primative” and “Tribe”. However nothing gets a crowd going like a bit of old skool Sepultura! “Refuse/Resist”, “Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells” and of cause “Roots Bloody Roots” raise the roof of the Marble Factory. Max (now with blonde hair, not sure when that happened?) seemed to enjoy himself, with his voice was in good form and chatty as ever. As the lights go up, the sweat and beer drenched floor showcases the aftermath of tonight’s pit, as shirtless men walk away satisfied from their battle.

Photographer Jo Wilson

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