slayerPlymouth has had some big names from the metal world under its roof over years; Pantera, Megadeth and Machine Head to name a few. However in recent times big names have not been coming down into the Southwest, so tonight’s gig is welcomed, with all age groups present. As everyone hangs out at the bar, the Pavilions begins to fill up.

Norway’s Kvelertak [3.5/5.0]are a welcomed addition to this tour, giving them an opportunity to introduce themselves to a new audience. Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik walks on stage with his now iconic owl headdress, with its glowing eyes staring at the crowd. Opening with “Åpenbaring” from 2013’s “Meir”, Erlend’s presences on the stage is great as he tries to interact with the crowd. There are clearly a lot of people who have not seen Kvelertak before, so the crowd are a bit quiet. This however does not stop them from bringing a strong performance.

It’s a shame the sound in the Pavilions isn’t very great, which does bog down the early part of their set. With such stomping tunes as “Månelyst”, which allows guitarists Bjarte Lund Rolland, Maciek Ofstad and Vidar Landa to show class in how much noise they can make. Kjetil Gjermundrød gets to pound out the drums during “Offernatt” and not forgetting Marvin Nygaard who does an excellent job on the bass. Their sound is a heavy mix of rock n roll with a Norwegian black metal vibe, singing in their native tongue may put some people off. However the catchiness of songs like set closer “Bruane Brenn” and “Kvelertak” you can’t help but want to chant along.


7.Bruane Brenn

Currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Spreading the Disease”, Anthrax [4.5/5.0] are pumped and raring to go as they walk onto the stage. Kicking straight into “Caught in a Mosh” Joey Belladonna’s vocals rain out across the venue with his usual screams. The crowd goes mental and a mosh pit undoubtedly starts, with jumping and chanting. Their sound also is bogged down a bit at the start of the set, but gets better as “Got the Time” starts. Scott Ian and Jon Donais; show off some awesome guitar licks, during classic tune “Antisocial”. As the crowd sings along with the band, the whole of the Pavilions is alive. With Anthrax’s 11th Studio “For All Kings” due for release February 26th 2016, we are all keen to hear new track “Evil Twin” are not disappointed as Joey introduces us to it.

There are so many classic Anthrax tunes that it must be hard for the band to choose which to play, however songs like “Indians” goes down a storm with Charlie Benante’s drum intro. Frank Bello completes the Anthrax line up with his mighty bass, showing us how the New York thrash kings have kept their crowd. Tonight’s performance is energetic and powerful, with “In the End” as usual dedicated the Dimebag and Dio, a few waved lighters appear in the crowd. Ending with “Among the Living” Anthrax have delivered a fine show which Plymouth will never forget.


1.Caught in a Mosh
2.Got the Time
3.Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
5.Evil Twin
6.Hymn 1
7.In the End
9.Among the Living

A curtain goes up as the Slayer [5.0/5.0] sound check begins, which gets crowd shouting “SLAYER!!!” already. Having one of the big four here tonight is an achievement for this sleepy seaside city, but to get two is amazing. Thank you to the promoters for getting this tour here. Red lights come on and the curtain vanishes, with inverted silver crucifixes hanging above the stage; the show begins. “Delusions of Saviour” taken from 2015’s “Repentless” is unleashed with Kerry King and Gary Holt roaring guitars, we proceed straight into title track “Repentless”, Tom Araya vocals are strong and on point. The sound check was definitely done right for Slayer.

The crowd are going nuts with clothes flying and mosh/circle pits opening up everywhere, I’ve not seen such craziness since Lamb of God opened for Heaven & Hell here several years ago. Tom takes a moment to thank the crowd and to discuss how they have never played in Plymouth before, but is grateful for everyone who has come. After some new tracks we are taken back to the album “Reign in Blood” with “Postmortem”, one of many welcomed classic old school Slayer tunes. Kerry and Gary switch leads and work together really well, this is the first time I’ve seen Slayer without Jeff Hanneman and I was not disappointed. With Paul Bostaph back in the band again, they all jell together really well and the set is tight.

“War Ensemble” opens up to thunderous applause and the show continues, with the crucifixes moving around above the atmosphere is perfect. The mid set starts with a couple more recent tracks “When the Stillness Comes” and “Vices” and then Tom rips into “Mandatory Suicide” and “Chemical Warfare”. Then back to 1983’s “Show No Mercy” album tracks “Die by the Sword” and “Black Magic”, before the intro for “Seasons in the Abyss” kicks in. Tom takes a moment to catch his breath as he introduces “Dead Skin Mask”, the drums pound around the venue as the wall of sound engulfs everyone.

As “Raining Blood” rips through the air the end is near, the beer flies everywhere as “Angel of Death” is unleashed. These classics never disappoint, leaving the crowd screaming along. Kerry, Gary and Tom throw their picks into the crowd and Paul does a couple of mighty drum stick throws. Slayer have laid waste here in Plymouth tonight, leaving a very hungry crowd who would of listened to another 20 plus long set of their heroes.


1.Delusions of Saviour
4.Hate Worldwide
6.God Send Death
7.War Ensemble
8.When the Stillness Comes
10.Mandatory Suicide
11.Chemical Warfare
12.Die by the Sword
13.Black Magic
14.Seasons in the Abyss
15.Hell Awaits
16.Take Control
17.Dead Skin Mask
18.World Painted Blood
19.South of Heaven
20.Raining Blood
21.Angel of Death

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