3teeth poster paintBath’s Psalm are this evenings opening act, unfortunately for these guys the place is quite empty with most people outside drinking. However this does not stop the happy trio, who inform us that their keyboard player went to France and has been kept by border control lol. Their sound is very heavily influenced by the late 90s/early 2000s, with the slap bass and hip hop/dub step style vocals at times (subtle hints of RATM). They play ‘Remedy’ and “Drink It” off their ‘Made Up By The Enemy’ EP, which are bouncy tunes. Working their way through some technical difficulties with the bass, the awkward moment over and they finish off without any other problems. A solid performance, just not for the right crowd tonight.

This is Tregenza‘s second appearance on the 3Teeth tour after their performance in Manchester earlier this week, the crowd gets a little bigger as the Nottingham based dark edged alternative electro musicians take to the stage. Moments into ‘Last Light’ I am whisked back to the 80s, with its synth pop/goth vibe. Tregenza’s vocals are strong in harmony and depth, Ali*’s bass gives it all a good tempo, with Crash completing the lineup on the synths. Their performance creates an ambient mood in the Fleece, with songs like ‘Wolves’ and ‘Temple of the Scared Heart’. This is one of those bands that have much more depth and sound live, so are worth catching.

Drakenwerks from Wales are tonight’s last act before 3Teeth, which means they need to get the party started. With glow sticks at the ready after an impromptu dancing session after Combichrist was playing on the PA, the crowd gathers for what is coming. It is clear Drakenwerks have brought out some fans tonight, with a group of Cybergoths ready to dance.

They use a video intro to get tonight’s set started, which then continues to be a integral part of the their show. Draken himself shouts distorted vocals over Kelly Lawrence and Martyn Zerostars, samples and synth laptop work. The beats are good for dancing and lyrics are simple and memorable like ‘Suck it up M***er F***er’, however this does not work for me. The video clips are dated back to the early 2000s and acting is poor, sorry guys!

3Teeths UK live debut came at Resistance Festival in April this year, where they confirm what all the hype from the States was all about. Their use of the 360 crowd camera made for an interesting view of the event, showing how they integrate up and coming technology’s into their shows (none of this was used at tonight’s show). As they kick into ‘Nihil’ the crowd gathers, front man Alexis Mincolla asks for the lights to get turned off which takes a couple of tries. However once we are in the dark, the red lights and strobes give intensity to the performance. Hailing from LA 3Teeth bring a new found breath of fresh air into Industrial metal, becoming an amalgamation of Ministry, Skinny,Puppy and NIN. Their songs are a reflection of today’s society and politics, this is more apparent in the mixed visuals that play on the side screens.

‘Final Product’ and ‘Consent’ continue the set along well, with Alexis taking dominant control of the stage. Chase Brawner’s guitar playing gives the gritty chunky sound of 3Teeth that I absolutely love, mixed with how he seems to get lost in the music when he plays is mesmerizing. Xavier Swafford plays his keyboard and headbangs so much its looks like a blur from the side of the stage with the strobe lights. Andrew Means completes the 3Teeth line up from behind his drum kit, where he blasts out the beats.

Highlights came in the form of ‘Dissolve’ and ‘Master of Decay’, but every song from their debut album 3Teeth is well conceived and produced. I can’t fault tonight’s performance, as the crowds stamps their feet, whistles and shouts for more Alexis reappears on stage from getting himself a Guinness from the bar. He thanks the audience for coming and the opening of ‘Eradicate’ kicks in, it is the end of an awesome evening. 3Teeth have tonight proven that Industrial music is not dead and that the future is with 3Teeth as they continue with their tour back in the States.

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