Tonight’s show openers give us some of Cornwall’s finest bands; starting with Cybernectic Witch Cult, who’s clash of doom and stoner style gives us a good old rock n roll band feel. Debut album “Morlock Rock” came July of this year, which has some great tunes including “Tyrannosaurus Hex”. Their chunky guitar riffs and 70’s style prog, make for an entertaining show. It is just a shame that most people haven’t arrived yet, so the crowd is small. However this doesn’t take away from their solid performance, filled with catchy songs and great musicianship.

Monolithian are a 2 piece from Falmouth; consisting of Simon on bass/vocals and Shannon on drums mixing doom and black metal. The power and intensity that they bring is unbelievable, you can feel the music with every beat and sound they make. Their album “The Finest Day I Ever Lived; Was When Tomorrow Never Came” was released earlier this year, they are well known in the Southwest. They do not disappoint tonight, and gather a healthy crowd who nod in unison to the deathly bellows.

The atmosphere in the Junction tonight is great, the lights are dimmed, a misty haze appears and the smell of incense fills the room. To thunderous applause Tribulation kick straight into recent album opener “Strange Gateways Beckon”, the band are tight tonight. This is one of only two headline shows they are doing before starting the Paradise Lost’s “Plague Within” UK tour, therefore it makes this a special night. Having played Temples Festival back in May to great reviews, it is an absolute pleasure to see this one off show in Plymouth tonight.

Hailing from Sweden; Tribulation’s style is progressive death/black metal, which has evolved with every album they have released. They play a lot from 2015 “Children of The Night”, including “In the Dreams of The Dead”, “Melancholia” and “Winds”, but do mix in older tracks like “The Vampyre” and “When the Sky is Black with Devils”. Johnannes Andersson’s throaty growls fill the junction, accompanied by Adam Zaars skilled guitar playing. Jonathan Hultén plays his guitar and shows us how much he feels the music in the way he moves around the stage. Drummer Jakob Ljungberg belts out the beats, that rumble through the floor. The whole vibe in the room is electric, as the crowd move along to every song.

The set is short but sweet, what I would of given for more. However on this sleepy Wednesday in Plymouth, the Junction has been brought to life by a quality lineup.

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