The Interrogation are a feel-good, emo-vibin’ band, a contradiction you say? Check them out for yourself…

How would you describe your music?

TT:  Thanks for having me.  My name is Thom Turner bandleader/guitarist/songwriter for The Interrogation.  

The soul of this music comes from my childhood growing up in the punk/hardcore/metal scene in Oswego NY.  The sounds of Warped Tour, Victory Records, Tooth and Nail, Ferret and Equal Vision bands were all around me.  

It is from that ground that a lot of the pop-punk/emo/easycore feel comes to songs like our current single Summer Love (In Hell).  On top of that add a bunch of Sing-A-Long choruses, deeply personal lyrics and ripping guitar solos.  

Thats the framework of what makes up our new EP Posters on My Wall.

Tell us about how the history of the project?

TT: In October 2018,  I went home to tend to my dying mother back in NY.  She was an incredibly loving and supportive person.  She and my father gave me my love of music and I really wouldn’t have spent the last 20 years doing it if it had not been for them.  So, when she passed away in December of that year I was devastated.  

Depression set in badly.  I could barely think let alone play.  

In August 2019, I wrote a song called Shine.  I was sitting in my studio and picked up an acoustic and just started to play.  To me, I thought it was just an Armor for Sleep song I was ripping off and writing my memories of my mother.  

One song turned into two. When I ended up with 4 amazing songs I recorded them and sent them to my friend and engineer Kevin Billingslea (  I was convinced I had ripped off any number of other bands.  He just said, “No man I think that’s just you”.  

So we went about properly recording these songs.  They range from emotional songs like Shine and Final Mystery to riff laden tracks like Kick It Off and Summer Love (In Hell)

Once it was all put together I called my good friend and drummer Nik Eason and Ridge Bernosky on guitar.  Once they were in place we called on James Kang for live vocals and bass legend A.j. Pizcz.  We were now a proper band.  

We started to practice and then unfortunately for everyone in the world, COVID happened.  You see, Myself and James live in Vancouver Canada and the rest of the guys are all back in the states.  It has been an interesting way to start a band but we are moving forward!

What are your influences/ musical heroes?

TT:  Oh man,  too many to count.  My first big heroes were actually all from the 60’s and 70’s.  I really loved long form song structures and weird chords so, yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, as well as the Beatles and Hendrix were always on rotation.  

One of my biggest influences was The Allman Brothers.  The guitar sound and the more Jazz influenced chords, the grooves and the big choruses really got me.  This was my mom and dads favourite so it featured heavily.  As I got into my teens, I started playing guitar and going to local shows.  This is where the real stuff took place.  I was exposed to everything from xVx hardcore to pop punk, to acoustic Emo to literally any genre of metal and sometimes ALL AT ONCE.  

It was in those basements and VFW halls that I found music that told stories but also made statements.  It told you what to fight for/against.  It told stories of bottomless sadness and also the happiest moments.  Most of all it told you that you weren’t alone.  

No matter what kind of weirdo you were, you belonged with these other misfits.  This was my biggest musical influence in the end.  I want to give people that same assurance: ”you are not alone”.  

For me that was music and that scene.  No matter where I go now I carry that feeling with me and it is always what I am striving for with music we make.  Plus,  there is no better feeling that stage diving in a basement filled to the ceiling with people equally losing their minds!

As far as individual musicians and bands in that period goes, Thrice, Thursday, NFG, Coheed and Cambria and specifically Claudio featured big.  

Claudio showed me that I could write these epic conceptual albums and songs but, still make it fun and easy to digest.  Also,  to lean into your art.  I remember blasting Second Stage and someone yelling “What is this like a crappy rush?”  that stuck with me because I loved his voice but, more importantly, Claudio definitely did not care.  It taught me a lot about the kind of artist I wanted to be.  Also I can’t neglect bands like A Day to Remember Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Between The Buried and Me.  For the heavier stuff, these bands taught me the value of well applied double bass and RIFFS!

What inspires you?

TT:  I am inspired by life.  Our new EP covers, grief, alienation, depression, social issues but, always with a sense of hope.  And I really think that’s what inspires me most.  The situations where so much negative is or can happen but, also some good positive and hopeful things come out of it as well.  

Do you write on the road? Or do you prefer to write in the studio?

TT:  I have done a bunch of writing in both spaces.  I do a lot of the writing by myself so far and at random times in random places.  So, really it is about the inspiration and who is around.  

Writing during sound checks is never ideal but amazing things can come from it.  Writing in the studio for me has always been really, really stressful.  There is a bunch of money and time on the line.  So that can impede the writing process for me.  That said when it comes to arrangements that’s the best time to be writing with everyone right there so you can lay it down.  I think that if we are lucky enough to get an idea happening for a song we have already won the lottery so the venue doesn’t matter as much.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

TT:  We love our first single Kick It Off.  It has all the bits that get people moving!  Big chorus, solid riffs and a big breakdown on the end 🙂  We are in it to get people having fun and moving!!  Once the live music world gets back to business we can’t wait to jam for all of you!

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

TT:  Thats a tough one.  It would probably be New Found Glory, Coheed and Cambria, A Day To Remember and Thrice.  That is a really weird line up but that would be world reforming for us!

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

TT:  I’ve been around long enough to remember the Major Labels owning everything.  I remember the album culture that was replaced by singles as it is now.  Really the artist has never had so many tools to make a legitimate run at a music career.  The whole idea of a global market where you can build a fanbase anywhere.  That said because of the ease of production and uploading to streaming services it has really clouded the water and made it just as difficult to break through the background noise.  So,  you either have to become extremely educated in marketing or you still have to get a team for PR and Management and good distribution that pays a legitimate royalty.  So in a way it really hasn’t changed all that much.  Also,  I would like to say that there is no “right” way to make your living in music.  You just need to find your tribe and put everything you do in music to use to continue your art.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

TT:  There are so many.  I think for me,  it would be coming back to a merch table and a 6’5″ gentleman who at the time was only wearing a speedo was sitting behind our merch table.  We asked him many times to just get on the other side and all he would reply was “This Band is awesome huh?”  After a while we gave up and he became our mascot for the rest of the night.  We made a sign for him that just said “Ask Me A Question”.  People inevitably did and all he would respond was “This Band is awesome huh.”  He was really excited about it whenever anyone would talk to him and the same response every time.  

Years later the same guy came and saw us in that town and he proceeded to tell us that he had over indulged in some illicit material that one night.  He was not experiencing the same show as the rest of us.   He was sure we had spent the whole night in a pool just swimming in circles.  That’s pretty weird.  

What are your future plans?

September 25th our first EP Posters On My Wall will be released on all platforms!  Also we are working with Greg Burt at Wavelink Agency to start booking for after the new year!  

We are so excited to share all we have with you and finally get to enjoy playing for you!  

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