Tarah Who? comprise Tarah Carpenter and Coralie Herve writing angry-girl grunge music with inspiring rebellious discordant vocals.

How would you describe your music?

CH : I’ll say that the Tarah Who?’s sound is a mix of genres like rock/punk/grunge but at the same time has a unique sound.

TGC: Yeah, I started writing as a singer songwriter but I listen to a lot of 90s punk, grunge, and garage music. I am more about the song itself than fitting in a category. We have songs that are more punk than others, hurt is very mellow, à la PJ Harvey. Some people hear a little bit of AFI or Dead Kennedys, we hear that we sound a lot like Nirvana… I have no idea… but whatever people recognise in us is fine because we are not a simple one genre rock band.

Tell us about how the history of the project?

TGC: I started playing music as a drummer and bass player. I was in a few projects. At the age of 16 I think I started teaching myself the guitar and later wrote a few lyrics. I was a big fan of Alanis Morissette and later I discovered bands like Hole, The Distillers etc… 

The producers I have worked with in the past wanted to make me a new Avril Lavigne/ Alanis Morissette artist. Even though I loved Alanis, I never intended to sound like her. I am definitely more of a grunge chick. 

I started working with musicians, but it didn’t work out as intended. After years of working with different people, I came to the conclusion that I was going to make demos of the songs, playing the drums and bass, and bandmates would learn the parts. It has been working great this way.

What are your influences/ musical heroes?

CH : I’m a big fan of Nightwish, a symphonic metal band, I love this genre. More generally I’ll say classic rock and metal.

TGC: So after my Alanis years, I discovered the Distillers, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Pantera, Motorhead, Tool etc…. and those were definitely an influence in the sounds I liked. 

What inspires you?

TGC: Everything and everyone. Generally speaking, people, behaviours, events… Numb Killer for instance is about the attacks in Manchester. I was trying to picture the assailant at the show, looking at all of those kids at Ariana Grande’s concert and going through with his mission.

Hurt is more personal and is about a deception in friendship, a betrayal. All our songs are really personal. Whether they are what I have been through or what I feel about a situation. 

Do you write on the road? Or do you prefer to write in the studio?

TGC: I write when I feel like writing. I have done both. I just need to be alone when I do it. It has been harder to do it on the road because we have so much to do as an independent band. We have less time on our own, and I need to feel isolated when I write. It is a big rush of emotions that can range from anger to sad. It is best to do this when I am alone… at least in my head, and not interrupted. 

I have written in the train, and metro in Paris because it was my commute when I lived there, and feeling the energy of people was also very inspiring. 

What is your favourite song to perform live?

CH: All the songs have their own particularity, I’d say Copycat because there is a few different parts.

TGC: I do like Copycat as well. It is a fun song to play and to rest on! I love playing Ache band Numb Killer because you know at this time people are going to get really into it and start moshing. Our set is designed to get people going, and it usually works! 🙂 If you know what you got yourself into… if you came in expecting two chicks playing pop … you are going to be shocked.. 🙂

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

CH: To play with Nightwish for sure !!! And maybe Ghost and Beast In Black, it will be awesome !!!

TGC: My dream tour would be with our friend Yur Mum (UK) and BALA (Spain). I love those two bands, they are also duos and I think that a tour with the 3 of us would be mind blowing to everyone! 3 types of kick ass Rock’n Roll with Chicks on fire!

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

TGC: Oh boy… that is a conversation that could take for ever… Well.. for a band like us, independent… we make all of the decisions, creative and business. It was has been working in our benefit and we are really happy this way. We would not mind the help of a label for a little promotional push but we will see where things go. Being in a band is really hard work and I think that the best way to respond to this question is to watch our docu-series on youtube: 

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

CH : One time we were supposed to borrow the gear from the other bands because we were touring on the East Coast and this guy wanted to rent me his drum set and asked me if I knew how to play drums. After our show he came to me and said: “ That was awesome, I never seen a girl played drum before!!’’ Crazy world !!!!

TGC: Yeah… I would not say that was funny because I wanted to punch him in the balls but turns out he was just ignorant… I have had a couple funny or weird moments. Playing in London in a hard core punk venue, where we were the pop band of the evening. I asked everyone to follow my tempo and we played the whole set 2-3 times faster. People loved us. This girl even broke her arm mosh pitting and refused to be escorted out. Or this one time I booked us at a strip club without being aware of it. We arrived and before we walked in, the owner gives us a bunch of rules about the girls and finally we were like “No way” It was one of the best shows I have played. 

What are your future plans?

CH : Hopefully being able to go on tour soon again and recording some new songs for you guys .

TGC: So when we are able to, we are rescheduling the tour we were not able to go on. We also have some East Coast dates planned for September. 

In the next couple of weeks, we are going to release our music video for Pantomath and some other live session videos. 

At the moment, most of it will be online, but we are getting ready to record a brand new Ep before the end of 2020. 🙂 

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