How would you describe your music?

Guitar driven with without screams! Its rough because there are a million categories now.   Alt-Metal or Nu-Metal fits nicely.  We don’t scream….unless we are at home fighting with our families!  Lifecycle is all about guitars and melody, melody, melody!  

Tell us about how the history of the project? 

Fate….Scott (Bass) found a good singer.  The Singer found two great guitar players (Joe and Kevin).  The singer found a great drummer (John) then…… the band fired the singer……haha!  Best thing that ever happened to us because after a very short search, we found Asim our lead singer…..Amazing talent!

What are your influences/ musical heroes? 

Our crazy funny lives influence everything we do and write about.  Asim (lead vocals) is the author of our lyrics and they are covering all aspects of life.  Every song, every band, the good and the bad…all play a big part.  We all try to stay authentic to the song being crafted.  If its right for the song its right for the band.  No egos allowed.

What inspires you?  

The band is inspired by each other.  The creative process is so fun that this band has enough material for a lifetime.  No lie…..there is no shortage of content here.  Our debut single Lifecycle just dropped.  Its inspiring.  We also created a bi-weekly episodic YouTube Series called  A Day in the LifeCycle.  Inspiring!  It’s so much fun to watch it on YouTube and the response has been great!

Do you write on the road? Or do you prefer to write in the studio?  

The band writes outside of the studio…..anywhere needed.  Once we get to the studio to record, the writing has already been done.  Our creative process is dialled in.  Writing is easy and fun.

What is your favourite song to perform live? 

Our debut single Lifecycle is our current favourite to perform followed closely by our next single Burnout.  You can find our new single Lifecycle on every digital music outlet…..even the ones that sound made up!

What would be your dream tour to be a part of? 

Japan.  All things Japan.  The band is in love with Japan and cannot wait to get there to play music for our friends.  Looking forward to it!  

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?  

It is amazing.  Best time to ever be alive if you are a musician. The access to music, sharing your music, putting live performances out, making videos, and the list is endless.  What a truly inspiring time to be part of a great band like LifeCycle.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?  

Every night on the road, when you are the only one in a Wawa, Royal Farms, BTO, or any other store to get a late night snack.  The odd things that happen at 3am in a convenience store when you are trying to buy food…..its all so bizarre.  It’s like an episode of the Walking Dead.

What are your future plans?  

Lifecycle is all about releasing new content….constantly.  Our debut single Lifecycle dropped on 15th January, 2020.  The follow up is an acoustic version of the same song.  That will be out mid-February.  Burnout is the next single and that will drop mid-April 2020.  The road map is new music content every other month.  As for YouTube, our channel is awesome.  Check out our YouTube series called A Day in the LifeCycle.  It is a behind the scenes look at the band and it’s borderline ridiculous.  Nothing scripted, all real and all insane.  Live shows are also happening each month so check out the band’s website for all tour info!

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