Alien Cargo are a three-piece Norwegian sci-fi rock band.

How would you describe your music? 

An original blend of British and American rock, performed by three Norwegian crowbar cases.

Tell us about how the history of the project? 

We started out in late 2018, and wrote a lot of material in a few months. Then we recorded an EP the following spring, which was released in January 2020.

What are your influences/ musical heroes? 

Sleater-Kinney, Arctic Monkeys, Black Sabbath, Dinosaur Jr., Blue Öyster Cult.

What inspires you? 

We are inspired by each other in a rehearsal setting, exchanging ideas and suggestions. We pretty much agree on what kind of group this is and what sound we want to have, which makes it easier to experiment within a well-defined framework.

Do you write on the road? Or do you prefer to write in the studio? 

As true Norwegians, we prefer to write (and record) in isolated cabins.

What is your favourite song to perform live? 

Page Of Madness is fun because we can elongate the solo part as much as we feel like.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of? 

A tour where we visited several different countries would definitely be interesting.

What are your current thoughts on the music industry? 

It seems to be dying a slow painful death, which is probably what it deserves. 

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour? 

We haven’t been on any tours yet, but it would probably be a traumatic experience for us as we have wildly different personalities! 

What are your future plans? 

To ride this thing until the wheels fall off.

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