How would you describe your music

The debut album Darkness Consumed by my project BLEEDING RAVEN is more or less industrial/aggrotech/dungeon trash. Hahahahahaha. But seriously…it’s a mix of industrial electronic and metal I guess. You know, the best way to describe it is more or less by comparing the music/noise to what you’d find in many modern day horror flicks like Underworld or Queen of the Damned or Sinister.

Give us a history of the project?

As a teenager, I began to mess about with the idea of doing some music. Some mates and I went into a little studio and recorded two songs I wrote (on the bass no less) and released that as a single. I was barely out of diapers. The tracks were Dark Hallway/Golgotha and it was released simply as Dean Mason  and it was released on Lonely Ghost Productions indie label. In 2012, I revisited the idea of doing music strictly as a hobby, as I have a ‘career’ and thus was born The Lonely Ghost Project

I recorded a few singles and released them, but never really took myself seriously.  In 2016, I decided to release an entire album, but used the name Gnostic Gorilla and then that album was rereleased by Cleopatra Records in 2018. I was offered a deal with them in January of 2018 and I admit I was immensely surprised and honoured. So…I released a few albums as Gnostic Gorilla and then finally, in May of 2019, I wanted to do a more aggrotech type project and thus was born Bleeding Raven”.

What are your influences/ musical heroes?

The artist that first inspired me to consider music was Gary Numan. I was a huge Numan fan when younger. Replicas is probably one of the best albums ever done. Actually, his Dance album is in some ways quite close. But, I have LOTS of bands/artists that I absolutely respect and are inspiring. Some are more influential of course. To name a few: Type O Negative, Japan, Ministry, KISS, Sabbath. Ozzy, DIO, Korn, Fear Incorporated, Psyclon Nine, Die Sektor, Skinny Puppy, Global Citizen, Zardonic, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) CRIX IIIX, and the list is endless. But, as I always do, I mention The Doors as probably THE most inspiring band for me. The Doors and Gary Numan…are at the top of my own personal chart.

What inspires you?

That question can be taken many different ways. What inspires me in my song writing or in general? Let’s start with the song writing. More or less, my music is dark but not in the ‘evil’ dark but as it relates to the human struggle. I tackle a lot of the religious questions in my lyrics but I do so in a mysterious way. In other words, my lyrics are more poetic (Morrison influence and also B. Corgan)  and I leave it to the listener/reader to decide for themselves what they mean. I don’t preach any specific message. As for what inspires me in general, well…I could list those I consider “true heroes” but it would take all day. But they include many single moms working like mad to make ends meet and people who despite their limitations keep at it with joy. 

But there is something, or ‘someone’ else I find inspiring right now because he is doing something I consider ‘true art’. There are so few true ‘artists’ anymore I think. So, anyway, Tim Muddiman—this dude has a really neat musical career. He was with Pop Will Eat Itself and also played extensively with Gary Numan in the studio and on tour and also released music as Tim Muddiman and The Strange.  (I have Paradise Runs Deeper which is truly amazing) BUT…he also has ventured into doing art in a different way…painting and drawing and photography and his stuff is MIND BLOWING! 

Here’s what inspires me about this: Tim has chosen to express his artistic/creative curiosity if you will, in so many different ways and made a cottage industry out of it. THAT’S what I admire. I would love to do something like that, but I don’t think I can. But…in my opinion…someone like Tim better understands how to approach the future in this industry: by NOT limiting your artistic expression to one medium. Tim is a true artist. Not a pop star wannabe. A true artist! THAT’S what I admire.

Do you write on the road? Or do you prefer to write in the studio?

Unfortunately, I am not a live act, so I only write music sitting on the toilet. Hahahahaha “crap-tek” hahahahaha (joke there)

What is your favourite song to perform live?

I so wish I was a live band but…anyway…it will never happen. You’ll see why of course in the last question.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

IF…I were to tour, it would be with Billy Corgan or Numan or Ian Astbury. None of this will happen of course. This is all just fantasy “coo-coo for co-co puffs” stuff…

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

Oh man. I don’t know what to say. I mean, it’s just not what it was and it will never be again. That’s life right? I’m not going to slam the record companies etc. Look…yeah…there is no denying that the “big boys” with the big cash want to make “more cash” and ironically to make more cash you have to have lots of cash to begin with. This is true not only of the big labels, but of the big bands like KISS and OZZY and Manson and The Stones and even Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and Madonna etc. (from the more ‘pop’ side) These people are not going to leave their thrones easily so to speak. So, newer younger artists struggle more today to get discovered than in years past because most people (younger people especially) are not interested in “new and daring” music. They’re interested  in whatever is in the video games or movies or TV. But also, there is SO MUCH out there today. Being a new ‘artist’ today is like being a ‘snowflake in a blizzard’…there are just TOO MANY. And technology and social media have forever changed what we used to call ‘art’ in relation to music. It’s a different world. Just the way it is man.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

I got all dressed up in my gimmick image thang, getting ready to head out and realised… “oh yeah, I don’t do live shows…” hahahahaha Ok, but, I DO little concerts for the squirrels in the back yard now and then. But I got shut down by the Ministry of Natural Resources because apparently this was upsetting the eco system and the squirrels were evolving into emo-rivet heads. hahahahahahaha

What are your future plans?

This is where it gets sad. There are no future plans. In October past, I lost the hearing in my left ear COMPLETELY…and the right ear is at half capacity. When I say lost, I mean…DEAD. A hearing device will not change this…not even an implant. The right ear, which is all I have left, is challenged. So, more or less, music is no longer an option. This last album Darkness Consumed is the debut and the ONLY release by Bleeding Raven. Now, Cleopatra Records will release one last Gnostic Gorilla album, but that’s been in the vault since 2017. Some of the tracks were done in 2014 actually. So after that…it’s over. I MAY look into doing a lyric book of ALL my lyrics and some poetry and lace the book with neat art or photography but that’s to be seen. Since I’m not Marilyn Manson and have already a huge audience like he does for example, such a venture may just be as fruitful as pissing into a tidal wave. BUT…I am grateful for the opportunity to do this interview with LOUD-STUFF! Cheers!

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