Death metal band Hellfekted, based in UK . Serious about music, serious about partying, seriously evil.

How would you describe your music?

Chris: If I had to use one word to describe it, it would be Evil. Theres lots of labels we could put to it like; thrash, death black metal but thats getting bogged down on things that don’t really matter. It’s metal and its evil, the kind of stuff you could summon demons to. I like to describe it as what your journey to Hell would sound like, a constant barrage of sinister sonic attacks.

Tell us about the history of the project:

Well it had started before myself (Chris) and Myles showed up on the scene. Liam had a band shortly after leaving another one but had no members. Around November 2018 he bumped into me and my friend Carl while we were hitting the nightclubs in town and alls he said to me was: “…want to join a band?”

Now us all being slightly drunk all jumped in head first thinking nothing of it but after that first practice everything just clicked, I immediately realised that this was what I wanted to do with my life now, I’m going to be a musician. 

Sadly my friend Carl who was our drummer at the time decided that the band life wasn’t for him and he left in January 2019. This was when Myles came on the scene, one night in a pub chatting was all it took, after that there was no discussion between me and Liam, Myles was in. Just like my first practice Myles’ first practice was a turning point, he cemented everything we were playing and just blew us away. From that point on Hellfekted finally had it’s members and had direction it’s something that the three of us would never give up and will always drive us in life.

What are your influences/musical heroes?

Chris: Theres a lot of people that I consider heroes personally, Chuck, Lemmy, Hetfield, Mustaine but the one that I always hold in high regard is Cliff Burton. He died more than a decade before I was even born but he has had the biggest impact on my life since I discovered him. Everything I do from bass playing to my attitude towards life has its roots in Cliff. He was the whole reason I wanted to be a bass player he never stopped practising even at his skill level he strived to be better and his attitude towards everything was simply, I do what I want and fuck what they all think. He made me realise that I live my life for myself not the people around me and that has carried me through some tough times. I have never met him or even seen him with my own eyes but I owe him everything.

What inspires you?

The thought of not working a shit job and showing the world the true meaning of what the world is and how evil a person can be!

Do you write on the road or do you prefer to write in the studio?

Both I don’t mind we can be anywhere and we can create such evil sounding stuff even if it ain’t on our instruments we can hum it and make it on our instruments?

What is your favourite song to perform live?

Stigma because it’s a song that comes from my heart, I was in a dark place not long ago where most people wouldn’t have been able come back from and that song speaks of certain evil that roamed my head and wouldn’t leave me alone and in the end it won until something happened!

What would your dream tour be apart of?

It would be of two bands that I’ve gigged with before, Blood Church, Hellfekted and Devastator because that tour would be the most fun and amazing I could imagine!

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

Right now I don’t particularly pay much attention, except when I listen to Radio 1 and Signal 1(local) radio stations at work, as much as I love blasting metal at full volume it’s nice to have a break, they play the Rock Show on Sunday evenings and I always listen and think the stuff on there is really cool, but I’m not bothered about ‘pop’ music as such as long as its catchy! I’m a huge Lorde fan she writes brilliant music about inner struggle and problems with identity, don’t get me wrong I hate Ed Sheeren and Carli B or whatever her stupid name is, but you may catch me listening to The Charts if it catches me fancy!

What’s the funniest/weirdest experience you’ve had on tour?

Well, many years ago I was in a band that was on the way out, I left not long after playing a small show in Crewe and I remember on the day I completely forgot about it and got a call during load in to ask where I was and at the time I was in Derby so I had to rush home and get my stuff and rush to the show and very nearly missed it, I remember still having my shoes on and I never play drums with my shoes on! It was a failed project by then none of us got on very well I’m glad we disbanded!

What are your future plans?

We aim to release our new album Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood early 2020 and just want to keep playing as many shows as possible while having a wicked time with our evil music!

Fire At Will by Hellfekted

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