How would you describe your music?

Keep Up is an original alternative hard rock band with pop influences, heavy guitar and coming-of-age lyrical content that reflects the daily successes and struggles that the band goes through. We create music that reflects our early influencers. We have been described as many things, such as, “a mix of Drake Bell fronting Green Day with a hint of Avril Lavigne attitude.”

Tell us about the history of the project?

Keep Up is made up of 3 energetic, music-lovers. An audio engineer, a bar-tender, and an Apple genius. We’ve all known each other since grade school, but only in the last few years have we seriously started making music and marketing ourselves as Keep Up. 

What are your influences/ musical heroes?

(DJ) Personally, I grew up listening to grunge and ska. Weird combo, but I loved the energy that these types of music presented to their audience. I knew that one way or another I’d like to be a part of a group that also invoked an energetic emotion to our fans. My musical heroes consist of leads such as Dave Grohl, Tommy Lee, Flea, and Travis Barker. 

Do you write on the road? Or do you prefer to write in the studio?

We do both. We write on the road as well as the studio. Our Album that we’re releasing September 6th has a song called City to City and this song was written in the back seat of our touring van. Our transmission broke down about 8 hours from the next venue so we drove the van slowly, not exceeding 30 MPH, across state lines for 14 hours and wrote this song. 

What is your favourite song to perform live?

(DJ) I think my favourite songs to perform is Life In Luxury. This song has some kick chants that sound like dogs barking. I enjoy the beat of the song and the lyrical content. This song was written about the rich kids who don’t have any clue of what they got. 

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

Dream tour would include bands like My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park or Simple Plan and Blink 182. We would probably love to do a tour in Europe or in Australia somewhere.

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

There is so much being put out these days that it’s almost impossible to stay up to speed with the music that’s constantly being released. Thankfully there are subscription based services such as Apple Music and Spotify that still allow the listeners to stay up to date with suggested playlists.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

Some of our funny and weird experiences on tour are inappropriate because sometimes when you’re in a small confined space with 2 or 3 other dudes for hours on end, things start to get a little wacky. 

What are your future plans?

Right now, we are waiting for this album to launch September 6th and then we have plans to release a single (or cover) this fall following the release of the album. For now, we are planning trips to take out of town to promote the new music as much as possible. Head over to to see what’s going on!

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