Ranging from bone-breaking, in-your-face metal to heart-melting acoustics and jazzy chord sequences, The Last Cell is stirring up the progressive music scene.

How would you describe your music?

I think I found my style when I stopped to think what kind of music I wanna make and just treated every idea I have as a part of it. For example, sometimes it’s really melodic turning into something heavy then back to something beautiful, and so on. It progresses through a lot of emotions. The tools I use are djenty, proggy, shreddy and jazzy I guess?

Tell us about how the history of the project?

I always wanted to have my own thing where I can write everything. So I started The Last Cell as my solo project. In 2018, I released my first EP ‘Nautilus’. Florian Lukas, a dear friend and amazing bassist, played the bass on both records and became an irreplaceable part of my live setup.

In 2019, I had the luck to meet Robin Weber, a young drummer / multi-instrumentalist, who just amazed us with his playing and work attitude. From there on the live set-up was complete. The first gig was amazing, as we really have a lot of fun on stage and the fact that I can totally trust both guys… They let me do my thing and for that I am super grateful.

Last month, I released my second EP called ‘Continental Drift’ and now we are rehearsing for upcoming gigs. Exciting!

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

Intervals, Vitalism, Plini, Animals as Leaders, Jakub Zytecki, David Maxim Micic.

What inspires you?

Avocado toast.

Do you write on the road or do you prefer to write in the studio?

I produce and record everything myself in my home studio which makes working fun and gives me the opportunity to engage in every creative outburst I have. Sometimes that’s in the middle of the night and it would suck if I would have to go to a studio then. 

Usually, I record the pre-production until I have the feeling that everything is written to my liking and then I record everything again with the focus on phrasing and tone.

What is your favourite song to perform live?


What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

Europe Tour with Intervals. 

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

It’s hard to get your name out there. The thing is that it’s not just your own hard work that gets you somewhere, you rely on so many people that kind of shape the destiny of your project – so I just hope for the best 😊

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

I have never been on tour with this band.

What are your future plans?

Right now, I am working on the third EP and I think I will be able to release it soon. A single will also follow and we are searching for more gig opportunities.

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