How would you describe your music?

Al Bowlful of Soulful  Bluesy Groovy Hard and Heavy Rock and Roll.

Tell us about how the history of the project?

Electric Revolution was formed in 2014, through trial and error and personnel changes it has evolved into what it is today, actually I feel the bands rebirth was 2018 in which we had a fantastic year.

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

I think it varies between each member of the group but I would say mainly Classic Rock/ Hard Rock,Classic Metal etc. as far as heroes go there’s too many to add, each one of us inspired by someone.

What inspires you?

Our inspiration is basically our music! coming up with ideas that inspire a great song to be written, also life experience, that type of thing. Our music isn’t conceived to sound like anything on purpose, it all comes naturally from the heart and soul of each member.

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

We usually write at rehearsal,our music can be built around a riff idea, a groove or by jamming etc. if it sounds good then we move forward with recording the idea and then the  constructing process starts with lyrical and premise ideas.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

Again I think that varies between each member of the group but I would have to say it would be the title track to our album “Burn it Down” it’s a ripper for sure. And another strong favourite would be surrender which is always a good time live.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

Probably Van Halen,The Winery Dogs, Black Country Communion,Y&T and Electric Revolution. All on the same bill haha!

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?  

The internet has changed everything! For the worst and for the better as well, on the one hand it’s great because there’s a market for everything now, it gives everyone a chance to be seen and heard basically. But there’s the overcrowded bandwagons also, with all genres of music and of course it’s much harder to make any money unless you’re the flavor of the day Lol.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

To many to talk about, even sleeping is a great time when your with your mates playing music on the road. Always a blast when life hands you memories experiences that forever last.

What are your future plans?

Our future plans are to take this thing to the Moon! To play as much as possible and to have as much fun as possible doing it,  and of course keep on writing and recording the music we love to create and perform.

About The Author

Always on the lookout for new music, Jo has an eclectic taste from 80's synth pop to black metal. Music creates many emotions and memories for Jo, using it as a soundtrack to her life. She en devours to absorb music, using it to inspire her creative works.

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