How would you describe your music?

Honest rock music. We have some elements of alternative, rock and roll, indie, and blues, but it all comes together in our own form of rock music. Crafted precisely, and loosely delivered!

Tell us about how the history of the project?

I (Clint Kesinger) have been in bands with our bassist, Shad Baldes, for over a decade. We started in metal bands and did well, touring around gaining traction in the country. Then as we got older (and less mad at the world) I started a solo acoustic project called “Good Times”. I had been developing my song writing skills for a couple years on the streets in St. Louis before moving back to Springfield, IL, and after a couple acoustic releases I decided it was time to go full band. We brought on drummer Kyle Wells through mutual friends, became Good Times & Company, and went into practising and writing non-stop. Now a few years later we have Keagan Cross on guitar to round out the group. We released our album ‘Midwest Sun’ and are currently writing our next album. The sound has come around tenfold and it is truly unique to us, something we are proud of.

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

Personally, I was raised on The Beatles and Pink Floyd. I know that’s the typical answer, so to expand I’d say Julian Casablancas and The Strokes have been a major influence on me. His nonchalant, almost apathetic appearance while delivering an entertaining show has always been interesting to me. Some other influences are The Growlers, Mac Demarco, Primus, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, The Doors, Highly Suspect, The 1975, Sticky Fingers, DMAs, SKEGGS, and as of recent I have had Ceramic Animal on repeat.

What inspires you?

Life. The moments where I feel something is worth noting. I just take note of moments, ideas, feelings, and mainly thoughts by putting them into song. This whole thing is a roller coaster, you can’t stop it and it doesn’t care if you want to go completely upside down or not, its gonna take you there. All the while we are just gripping the seat and enjoying the ride. I don’t have a choice but to create art and that is life to me.

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

We write everywhere, anytime. We are always writing songs. The road is more of a place for inspiration, as we are seeing life unfold in places we most likely haven’t yet. But yeah since we all have this continuous urge to create, we are always writing. But my favourite or most productive place to write is in my room with a few drinks and some other stuff on hand. I just sit down, put a clean buzz on, and start getting into it. I record demos of everything on my phone, forget what they were until the next day and am usually really excited to hear what I did the night before.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

‘Dropping Anchor’. Its just a straight up rock song and people really dig it.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

The Strokes, The Growlers, Mac Demarco, Arctic Monkeys, and if we could somehow have The Doors close the show I would be the happiest little boy in the world.

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

It’s tough going. But art always prevails, and we have already seen artists adapt to the ever changing landscape and become successful, by modern standards. Of course, it’s always going to be different than the “Classic Rock” days, because the largest stage known to man now is the internet. You don’t have to go out and tour non-stop for the world to notice you, which I honestly like. I believe if you consistently put out great, honest material, you will eventually be noticed for your contribution to art. It shouldn’t be about “making it”, not if you’re a true artist. It’s supposed to be about expression, and I feel like most listeners can tell when music is from a place of truth and when it is a gimmick or a way to get famous for the sake of being “cool”. Rock music has been on an upswing in my opinion.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

Oh God. I have a lot but I’ll choose the safest one to share. We tripped acid in Kansas once after a show and it was insane. We played this weird nostalgic western themed hotel with a bar/club in it. We did the show, and I didn’t know it at the time but Kyle and Shad dropped acid and took some really good Sassafras , which became obvious when Kyle started crawling over the drum kit. Anyway the bartender stayed and dropped acid with us, and we just explored the hotel for hours and hours. It was a real good time, I have a lot of videos from that trip. Shad almost stuck his hand into a powered table saw.

What are your future plans?

We are going to put out another album. We are getting close to finished and are slated to record late winter or early spring 2019. Music videos, short tours, more writing. This next release is going to be a lot different from our previous stuff, as we have really defined our craft and sound. We are playing the new material live now and folks are seriously digging it. We are busier than ever, and the fun never stops! Long live rock n roll!

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