Tell us about the history of the band?

In late 2015, It started with myself and a friend playing Biffy Clyro covers in my garage, there’s a cliché if you’ve ever heard one. It’s the truth though! It didn’t last long and we decided to advertise for a Drummer. Danny responded and after the first get together, we knew it was right so we started writing. We took time to play shows and refine our sound before putting out our first EP in April 2017, we took it on tour and had a great response from it. That’s what made us realise we might be on to something so we became a bit more serious about the band and what we were looking to achieve. We almost see Horizons as a “prequel” to the band and with Weight in Gold, we’re only just starting to realise what we want to achieve as a band.

How would you describe your music?

We all have varying influences across the musical spectrum and it shows in our music. Whilst we are in essence, a Rock Band, there’s elements of a wider range of styles and we always find it very difficult to describe our music accurately. The best thing to do is listen to it and if you can find a way to describe it, we’d love to know!

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

Being a three piece, we have a huge appreciation of other similar bands such as Biffy Clyro, Muse and Arcane Roots and although we don’t necessarily “sound” like them, you can hear their influence littered within our material.

What record are you currently listening to?

I listen to  a lot of different music but at the moment, there’s two albums that I find myself constantly going to. Technology by Don Broco is for want of a better word – addictive. I genuinely can’t stop listening to it at the moment! Melancholia Hymns by Arcane Roots is probably one of the most incredible albums I’ve ever heard. It really pushes the boundaries of musical styles and challenges how we define genres. It’s almost a concept album in it’s construction and is designed to be listened to from start to finish. Not that the tracks aren’t strong enough to be heard on their own. They are excellent on their own merit, but they just knit together so well when the album is listened to as a whole.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

At the moment, I would say “A Matter of Identity” from the Horizons EP. We tend to play it last as it has a really “epic” fell to the ending that just builds and builds. So it’s a great way to end a show. It’s tough though as we generally love playing live anyway and every track is enjoyable to play on stage.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

It would be a three piece extravaganza with Biffy Clyro, Arcane Roots and ourselves. To play alongside those bands would be incredible for us.

 What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

To be completely honest, we don’t have many funny stories from touring. In fact, we’re pretty boring and disciplined with what we do, which is not really that interesting for people. I drink tea after our shows so that says everything really! Maybe the weirdest thing we have had happen is that Darth Vader has been to a couple of our shows. Albeit because we were playing in his local pub. Other than a few, funny technical issues, Liam breaking his Bass before his first show with us and Danny displaying some extremely questionable(caught on video) dance moves after a show in Wales, we don’t have any crazy stories….yet!

 What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

I think this subject gets talked about a lot and as musicians, we’re passionate about our art and therefore, forget about the business side of things. It’s no secret that for emerging bands and artists, the industry is extremely tough to break into and it’s easy to get hung up on the fact that without major support and financial backing, everything is against you having a hugely successful career in music. To really get on, I think we just have to bring it back to basics. Do it for the right reasons. As a band, the first and foremost reason for doing what you do, is enjoyment and that has to continue as you go. I honestly believe that if you just keep plugging away, working hard and enjoying it at the same time, opportunities will come and it’s about how you take them.

 What advice would you give to someone starting their own band?

I’m not sure I’m qualified to give advice! I would say that as mentioned before, you have to enjoy it. Take your time and focus on quality. There are so many good bands out there that I don’t think it’s enough to just have a good song anymore. It’s also important to focus on the other sides of being in a band, such as PR and the easiest way to do that is through social media. Try to engage with people as much as you can

 What are your future plans?

We’re going back into the studio soon to work on some new material. Whether it be an EP or another single, we aren’t sure. We’re also working on a new live show so we’re hoping to get out more this year and play in some new places. We certainly aren’t going away and “Weight In Gold” is just the start for us!

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