Charly is a French singer, musician and composer based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Always aware that she wanted to be an active creator in the musical realm, she started to sing and play guitar during her childhood.

After high school, she diverged from her path as a dentist and gravitated to the Arts. She earned a Bachelor degree in Art and Communication at the ICART in Paris, France and dove right into the music industry, working at record labels, concerts venues and festivals organizations.

She quickly realized she needed more and didn’t just want help other artists to develop their projects. She wanted to develop her own. Since she always sang in English, she decided to take her chance in LA where she has been established for the last four years.

During her journey in California, she spent a year in San Francisco studying music production at the Academy of Art University. It was there that she discovered her passion for creating music and sound for movies.

Just graduated from the Musicians Insitute, Hollywood, her hyperactivity in the music field never stopped. She created a band called ‘Charly&Faust’ in which she plays guitar, sings and manages everything with her partner Faust. She is also part of another band called ‘The Sutra’ with who she plays bass and does backing vocals.

Also a music composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and film composer, she started to work with Film Students from The New York Film Academy to compose music for their movies. She also started to work with a film composer Peace S. Nistades. They are now collaborating on few different projects.

How would you describe your music?

I usually stick to the Folk-Rock genre, but the project I just released is an EP to present several pieces I composed for short movies. So, even if you can hear my musical touch in it, it is hard to pick one specific genre. I would say, for this project, the music needs to serve the movie and the story.

Tell us about how the history of this project?

I studied Music Production at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and discovered there my passion of creating music for visual materials. I got the chance to do an internship with a really talented film composer Peace S. Nistades while I was working on short movies. He’s the one who helped me to finalised the musical works I have done to release them on this EP called “Film Scores”. Gerhard Westphalen mixed and mastered it.

What are your influences/ musical heroes?

I grow up listening to artists my father was a big fan of. I mostly listened to American, Irish and British Folk-Rock music from the 70’s. I really admire Janis Joplin, Patty Smith, Tracy Chapman, etc.

What inspires you?

That can sound dumb to say, but what inspires me is my life and lives of people around me. A friend told me one day “You can’t be creative and write good lyrics by staying in this studio all day long. You have to live to have something to tell.” That is exactly that.

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

It depends. I unfortunately don’t have a recipe for writing songs, and especially good songs. However, when it is about composing for films, it is a little bit different. I already got the topic and know a little where the filmmaker wants me to go. Usually I write and compose at my house.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

There is a song that Eric Reymond, the bass player of my band Charly&Faust wrote which is really cool to perform on stage. In studio, I would say my song “Another Day, Another Lie” which is on my “Film Scores” EP. It would be funny to perform it live.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

Just being on a tour in which I am the main artist would be already amazing.

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

We are late and all need to make it progress in our own way without hoping and waiting for people to do it for us.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

I am not a funny person so nothing funny never happen to me. I am weird, so I don’t notice when something is supposed to be weird. *evil laugh*

What are your future plans?

I am now recording an EP for my solo artist project. If everything goes according to the plan, it will be release in March. You can also find all my news (performances, releases, etc.) on my website And even more stuff on my Instagram (@charly._music) and my Facebook page (

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