Hypophora are a post-hardcore quintet from the Southwest, who recently released their new single ‘Headlines’. In the past twelve months the band have supported the likes of He Is Legend, Kurt Travis (ex Dance Gavin Dance and Allusondrugs at various locations in the UK. In the summer they played slots at UK Tech Metal Fest and Boardmasters Festival and this winter they hit the road again on a headline run to promote their new material.

How would you describe your music?

Quite an amalgamation of influences, but we reckon it’s pulled off in a way that doesn’t have that patchwork/forceful feel to it like a lot of genre-hopping bands do. We’ve got that 90s frat-boy Funk rock vibe from like 10 years of listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers/Incubus – that’s quite prevalent, as well as the seattle grunge sound influenced by Alice In Chains/Soundgarden/Foo Fighters – that’s our sound like at the base level. Then we’ve got bands like The Fall Of Troy, Chon and Dance Gavin Dance influencing lots of the guitar work as well as a bunch of random influences ranging from Trad Jazz and Motown to Prog Metal, Post Rock and Neo Soul. It’s kind of just like every band/artist we’ve ever been into was moulded into one sound and glossed over with some alt rock to finish.

Tell us about how the history of the band?

Katie and Karum were part of a group of friends at school that’d always hang out, jam and play at all the school concerts. We all loved the same kinda music, we all played some instruments or sang and were just obsessed with watching Nirvana documentaries and being musicians/rockstars one day. We finally decided we wanted to do this band thing properly in 2012 when we grouped up with Sam and Josh (rhythm section at the time), played a few pubs and a few weddings/birthdays. We were very new to the band/gigging thing at the time so it took us a few years to get into the swing of things. We began taking things to the next level when we started at Truro College and met James and Lewis in 2014/2015 (by this time we’d recorded a couple of singles and played a few of gigs in and around the South West and were keen to make this band work more seriously than just an occasional hobby.) Lewis took over Sam’s position and we went through a couple of drummers before finally having James in the band earlier this year.

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

We’ve got a very diverse range of influences and heroes between the four of us spanning across a wide variety of genres. Because of this, our personal tastes and genre influences can often creep into a song in a really exciting and unexpected way! We do however deliberately try to write with the intention of it being musically relevant and interesting rather than simply cutting aggressively to different genres. We feel it gives our songs a good creative kick and a sense of not knowing what’s coming next for anyone who might be seeing us live for the first time, whilst still having a unified and identifiable sound to the band.

Specific and most poignant influences include; Lower Than Atlantis, RHCP, Marmozets, The Fall Of Troy, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Biffy Clyro. Others are definitely missing but these bands were definitely most present for us when we were forming the band and they continue to form a backbone to our styles (either in an individual member’s stylistic input or for the whole band in general).

What inspires you?

Mostly listening to other bands – seeing them live/checking out albums etc. We’ll pick out something that resonates with us or that we think is cool and maybe it’ll spark something completely original or maybe we’ll jam something out and change it so that it eventually transitions into something we can say is ours. Things such as life events, films, books, friends, families, work, pet dinosaurs or even ‘Maple Treeway’ on Mario Kart Wii will inspire us.

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

We don’t tend to write on the road very much as we’re often driving, checking out any new cities we’re in or most importantly sorting some food! We do however have this thing going in the car where we pass the phone around queuing an individual song each. We’ll build up a big list of queued songs which leads to some incredibly diverse listening – the song genres will jump anywhere from soul to black metal to synthwave and anything inbetween! It’s really inspiring and a great way to show each other new music, whilst also making drive times go a bit quicker. Other times if we’re really feeling a particular vibe or band we’ll chuck on a couple of albums.

When we come back from being on the road we’ll often be feeling super inspired and work on a couple fresh new ideas at our next practice.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

We (semi) recently wrote a new high-energy song that is a little more prog-metal flavoured. It’s crazy fun performing it live, so that’s pretty up there at the minute! We’re very sure you’re all bound to see it on a release but that’s under wraps for now

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

Liteally any of the above mentioned bands.Any of our heroes! There’s a bunch of awesome UK Alt Rock bands around atm that we’d be keen to tour with too. Forever Cult, Narcs (RIP), Oceans, EMP!RE to name a few

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

It’s a really tough one to be part of. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. The idea of spending literally all of your money on a band and playing gigs where you don’t see any money back baffles so many non-musicians/ music fans. You really need a lot of motivation, drive and resilience to stick at it and see results. But it does take a long time. Obviously the love of music makes it all happen much easier, which fortunately we have. The difficulty of the industry makes us appreciate every little good thing that happens so much more.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

There’s quite a few to be honest! One that springs to mind right now was when we accidentally drove into oncoming traffic in Leeds (fun). Whilst at the time I’m sure we (and the other drivers) didn’t find it that funny, looking back it’s definitely a very funny memory. As we were driving around looking for the venue, none of us noticed a one-way sign and as we turned right, we happened to be facing 3 lanes of oncoming traffic, genuinely terrifying. Another time, we made our old drummer Jim eat some triple extra hot Peri Peri sauce at Nando’s once. He dribbled copiously from the heat for about 3 hours which was gross but also had us all in stitches. I think there’s actually a YouTube video of that somewhere.

What are your future plans?

We’re just finishing up a string of dates that have taken us across the country, with another smaller tour planned for February to support our next single which will hopefully be out around the same time. After that we’re aiming to be in the studio around the end of Feb time to start work on our debut album which we’re absolutely SO excited to begin. It’ll be at Middle Farm Studios in Devon engineered by Peter Miles who’s worked with some of our favourite bands.

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