Scarlett Cook was born into a very artistic and creative family. At the young age of 4 and a half she started her first piano lesson and by 17 completed grade IV Australian Music Examination Board exams as a grade ‘A’ student. At age 15, she took more readily to grunge rock guitar sounds, despite many years of piano lessons, and soon after started her performing career as a solo vocalist / acoustic guitarist (2000-2002). After this time Scarlett formed a heavy melodic grunge rock band called Autonomy, which then began performing regularly throughout Adelaide, until mid 2004

As of 2002, Scarlett’s guitar songwriting foundations also paved the way for her to finally approach the piano creatively. A winner of Flinders University’s 2003 Spartacus art competition, Scarlett was awarded the solo music performer prize for her instrumental song The Prophet. In 2005 she completed Certificate IV in Music (Contemporary Performance on Piano) at Noarlunga TAFE, and the same year ranked 83 in Three D radio’s top 100+1 with her three track piano demo “The Inevitable”. In 2007 her stand out hit song “New Victim” was included on the “Nice Girls Don’t Play Rock ‘n’ Roll”, all female compilation, that achieved great success in both Adelaide & Melbourne.

Being a solid performer on the Adelaide and Melbourne local music scene, Scarlett has also performed in Europe 2009, and USA and Canada in 2011, yet still remains solidly based in Melbourne where she has currently teamed up with renowned cellist Rachel Samuel (Wendy Rule). In October 2012, The pair successfully launched Scarlett’s Debut EP Songbird to a Sold Out audience at The Northcote Town Hall. The new release is continually receiving a warm response drawing great attention on airwaves Australia wide.

Scarlett’s music is a journey to a rare, raw and enchanting sonic world. Seldom are the makers today of such sincere, heartfelt and organic sounds.

How would you describe your music?

Heavy Melodic Neo Classical Gothic Cinematic Piano and Vocals.

Tell us about how the history of the band?

I started writing on piano on in 2002, after listening to a lot of heavy guitar driven music & previously only writing on guitar. Since then I have written several albums worth, released a demo, EP, a single & 2 film clips & im currently recording a full album with a string quartet & drums.

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

Opeth, Tool, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jnr, Tori Amos, Dead Can Dance, Rob Zombie, Patsy Bisco, Katatonia, Leonard Cohen, Beethoven.

What inspires you?

Nature. The unknown. Boredom. People who talk out of turn.  Love and what appears to be the absence of love. Injustice

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

I usually write in my studio at home, late at night

What is your favourite song to perform live?

One of my earliest songs, ‘Narcissism’ is still a regular in the live sets. It’s one of my better songs conceptually & melodically with a fast rhythm- so I find it fun to play live. Another earlier piece called ‘The Prophet’, which is an instrumental & has a lot of changes & dynamics. It’s one of my more technical pieces, so I enjoy getting into it when i’m not singing.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

Playing with any of my favourite bands, as mentioned above. I’d also like to play Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania next year.

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

In general, I’m usually very dubious! It looks like a Rubik’s cube to me. As an Independent solo artist, I will just say that I am relatively cautious when it comes to the Industry, until I can see that creativity, music and art is the first and foremost motivation.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

I was playing Live to air on Radio Adelaide to about 10K listeners. While i was playing a song about the end of the world, the only animal that can survive a nuclear holocaust- a cockroach, crawled across the keyboard. I nearly ‘played’ it. Somehow I managed to swipe it off in between still playing the notes and not screaming. It launched over to the other side of the room. Im not sure what it was doing there and im not sure how i held it together.

What are your future plans?

I’m about to record drums and percussion, and then start mixing on what will be my new full length release.

About The Author

Always on the lookout for new music, Jo has an eclectic taste from 80's synth pop to black metal. Music creates many emotions and memories for Jo, using it as a soundtrack to her life. She en devours to absorb music, using it to inspire her creative works.

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