Next Week see’s the release of ‘They Walk Among Us’ by Melbourne 4 piece band Witchgrinder, formed in 2010. Having listened to the track several times, I can confirm it’s very different from previous Witchgrinder material, typically industrial metal. Initially you may be reminded of In Flames, but that isn’t the only band that springs to mind, this track could also pass for a creation by US veteran artists, Ministry.

Instantly likable with melodic extreme metal riffs and double kicks, eerie vocals and backing track add extra depth to the production. This track is a curious journey and leaves you wanting an immediate sequel. Blending subtle elements of Swedish black metal and Nu Metal into something quite unique and addictive.

Chatting with front man and guitarist Travis Everett, we reveal a little more about what the band have been up to, and what comes next –

So how long is it since you released new material?

Our last release was the second Witchgrinder album, Haunted. That came out in 2015. So it’s been about two years which is pretty exciting for us.

The single launch is on Friday 16th have you got more shows planned after that?

We have a lot more coming up at the end of the year but at the moment we are concentrating on writing and recording our third album that will be early/mid 2018.

Is ‘They Walk Among Us’ a teaser for an upcoming release?

It’s a lot different from our previous music and I would say it will be different to the album also. The song was written to just for fans to give them something to listen to and enjoy while the wait for the album. The band usually has two years between each album and release because we want this new album to be perfect, we just didn’t want to rush anything. That’s when we decided a stand-alone song would be fun for us and also for everyone else.

You have been working with the current line up for about 12 months, is it their influence that has taken the band in a new direction?

I’ve been able to try new ideas with the guys which is great but no influence was taken from them. The last album was written with everyone’s input which was great and I learned a lot from it but this time I wanted to go back to writing the music alone. The last time I had done it by myself was the demon calling album and as a song writer I have come along way since then and I really know what this bands sound is and what it needs. The other guys still put their styles of playing and ideas into it also.

The single has an eerie rock presence, is that going to resonate in the rest of the tracks?

I think all Witchgrinder tracks have an element of rock in there and it’s always going to be a little eerie as the songs are usually based on horror stories or something dark. We have always kept a groove to our riffs. We don’t need to go showing off and over complicate things. People already know we can play, we have shown them that and we just need them head banging with big brutal riffs.

Tell us about your current musical influences? Your inspiration?

I have millions of influences. There are so many musicians that I have looked up to since I was a kid, I would not be able to just pick out one.

I was doing an interview recently where we talked about inspiration and I told them about my father. He always pushes me to do my best and is totally supportive in what I do. I think musically, my inspiration comes from anger. When I get pissed off and angry at something or someone I calm down once I start writing. I think I feel better because it keeps me busy and I know I’m achieving a goal. I like to feel like once I’ve worked hard and written something I’m proud of its a big fuck you to everything that has put me down or doubted me.

Do you feel comfortable with the bands direction in 2017?

Totally comfortable. I have a rocking line up by my side that is so positive and motivated. We are all on the same page about knowing what the band is about, how we need to sound and how to make things happen.

What’s coming up for you guys for the rest of the year?

Well that’s the mystery…

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