Our last interview of 2016 was with Chasing Sounds a HC/punk band from Vienna Austria.

How would you describe your music ?

The genre we play defined itself, since I’m the songwriter in the band it just came naturally what I play. I’m heavily influenced by pop punk, nu/metal, hardcore all the 90’s stuff even some rap and pop but that can’t be heard in our music of course. So does Mate, it’s just the music we grow up listening to as kids. We try to take all the best hooks and parts we like in these musical styles. Probably the easiest way to label us is melodic hardcore punk.

Tell us about the history of the band ?

I’m Attila one of the founding members I play bass and try to “sing” harsh backing vocals in the band. I’m the songwirter, and since I compose mainly on guitar I record all the guitars & bass in the studio as well. The band was ”officialy” formed by Mate (drums) and myself on Aug. 8th 2013 which means, it was the day when we put together our very first song ”Knock Out” which later became our first single along with a Music Video to it as well. Mate and me knew each other since elementary school, and we’ve been in our first garage band together back in 2005. We managed to broke up before we even had a singer or a gig. We remained friends though, hung out and knew it way before that were gonna end up in a real band together. The only question was when. It took us ”only” 8 years to get our shit together. So everything was planned, it wasn’t just a lucky coincidence. In early 2015 Florian (singer) and Mate K. (guitar) finalized our line up, so I moved backed to my beloved bass.

What are your influences, musical heroes ?

Ignite, old Blink 182, H20, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Nofx, Jimmy Eat World, Slayer, Metallica. Too long to list, as we mentioned before we like a lot of different bands we can’t really name an exact band, rather styles pop punk, hardcore, and nu/metal are our main influences definitely the 90’s early 2000’s era of these styles.

What inspires you ?

The topics of the songs are mixed. Everyday life feelings, anger, various events happening in the world, motivation, abstract, love, break-up…Flo writes the lyrics based on what he wants to write about or after listening to the instrumentals. Or, when Attila writes a riff or the basics of a song he gives them a working title or brings an idea for a song name – Flo can relate to this and might write lyrics to that title.

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

None of them, since we haven’t had the change to do a really long tour, but also on smaller tours we just try to concentrate on travelling, looking after ourselves, try to not get sick. We don’t ride a freaking tour bus with a driver in it. Writing in the studio? Who does that still? We definitely can’t afford that, I think the studio is the place were you should be prepared as much as possible to record your songs. Which are already long ago written, well rehearsed and ready to be recorded. So my answer is that I write most of our songs at home, or together with our drummer at the rehearsal room.

What is your favourite song to perform live ?

It changes from time to time, but everyone in the band loves to end our set with ”False Flag Attack” It’s our fastest song and we got a video for it. It’s on Youtube so go check it out! Then there’s a new song called ”Can’t break it” which were pretty stoked about to play live.

What would be your dream tour to be apart of ?

Were supported Ignite for one shows in December, it would be awesome to tour with those guys. They have a lot of influence on our music, a we get that back a lot from people who listened to our songs. Which is a huge compliment. From the not very well known bands I’d love to tour with Dead Neck from the UK they’re amazing, so Andy if your reading this you know where you can find me haha. Let’s dream a bit too childhood favourites SUM41 are still great, that would be huge to Tour with them.

What are your current thoughts on the music industry ?

Youtube & Social Media are the key to gain recognition from all over the world. Before it was only the Radio then MTV, a lot of magazines, and all that. The got on air for a radio show is so freaking hard these days, We’ve got a few radio friendly tunes as well, but it doesn’t matter these days. The only thing what matters is whom you know/don’t now. That counts for basically everything in the music business and sadly in life in general as well. You won’t get any airplay, won’t get to play really great shows, or support a bigger band, unless you arm is up in the promoters/managers or god knows who’s ass. That’s why weaker bands get on a bill which they would normally never get to play, because sadly quality music is not on the first place any more.

What is the funniest or weirdest experience you had on tour ?

Nothing weird yet so keep em coming ladies and gentleman, we have a great sense of humour and almost nothing can surprise us. almost… sniffing a dead raven’s remains from a cookie jar before the show would be a bit too much. It was even for Corey Taylor and that guy can handle shit.

What are your future plans ?

We have more than enough material to hit the studio to record our second album.We plan it around March next year, but the exact dates are not yet agreed.Tour in Europe and the US if we get a chance, and try to get on more bills as a support act for bigger bands. Try to get our name around the scene more. We filmed two music videos this year and we will do at least two for the next album in 2017. Thanks for the interview and for sharing our music, hope we can play in your town soon!

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