Today I am super stoked to be interviewing the superbly talented LDDSM’s bassist/vocalist Julien. I recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the empowering and superb 3rd album release from Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel, ‘Human Collapse’. The album really blew me away and I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit of the band with you all….

Lets start with at the beginning, can you share with those who may not know a little bit of the history of Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel?

LDDSM exists since 10 years. At the beginning, it was not a really serious project. We were just friends but playing in different bands together. We had metal band , punk rock band, heavy metal band… At this time, we wanted to play something different. Stoner wasn’t so popular in France, we were already QOTSA fans, we listened to Black Sabbath, COC… So, one day while we were listening together Rated R, we just said “hey, let’s have a Stoner band”. 10 years after, we made more thant 200 gigs around Europe, we released 1 EP, 3 LP, 3 splits albums.

Who or what are the main influences that inspire LDDSM?

The very first influence of LDDSM was obviously QOTSA. But today, it’s not so evident. We have extended our field of listening and try to do our own music. We are listening to so many differents bands with different styles, from Mastodon to Foo Fighters including NOFX, Archive, Pink Floyd, Torche, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu, Kyuss…

With so much music available and so many genres springing up all the time, it is difficult to keep up with the plethora of new music out there. Who is really grabbing your attention at the moment?

For me, I think it’s Kvelertak, Mutoid Man and Zeal And Dorn. Zeal and Dorn is a really blast, a mix of gospel singing and black metal !

If we went to your stereo and opened the CD tray, what would we find in there?

I think you will find nothing ’cause I listen music with my turntable and my computer. But on my turntable, you will probably find Turbonegro or The Beatles.

We all have them, which artist or band is your guilty music pleasure? Perhaps an album or an artist that people may be surprised to learn that you enjoy?

Ahahahah. I have a lot of guilty pleasures : some neo metal stuff like Limp Bizkit, some teenage punk rock like Blink 182 or New Found Glory… But I think my biggest hidden guilty pleasure is Katy Perry. ‘Teenage Dream’ is for me one of the best pop music production of this last decade.

The profile of LDDSM has been growing over the past few years and you have been receiving some great feedback; Not just from your recent release, but also for your former albums. You must be really pleased with way your music is being received?

Yes, obviously ! It’s a real pleasure when the listeners really like your music. When you start making music, it’s to express yourself, to take out what is inside you and put it in music. But when the listeners like your music, understand what you try to do, it’s way better.

This is your third album release, how does ‘Human Collapse’ compare to ‘East Side Story’ and ‘Arcane’?

First of all, East Side Story is not an album. It’s a split album with our friends of Flashfalcon. Our first records is ‘Soundtrack From The Motion Picture’. I think ‘Human Collapse’ is our most elaborate album. For “Soundtrack”, we put on record every songs we played since the beginning of the band. It was a melting pot of music style, we had not still found our own style. With ‘Arcane’, it was a little bit more elaborate. We started our collaborations with the producers of Cube Studio, they helped us to find a sound, to develope our ideas…. When we started to write ‘Human Collapse’, we already knew wich direction we gonna take. Some people call this “maturity”. 

‘Human Collapse’ is an interesting title for an album.  Can you talk about the theme behind the concept and where the inspiration came from?

We wanted to write a real concept album, with a story from the beginning to the end. We were looking for a good subject. At this time I was interesting about social apocalypse. There’s a lot of fictional who talk about post-apocalyptic world. But the cause of the extinction are always a big event : nuclear war/accident, biologic pandemic, big weather disturbance, meteorite crash, robotic revolt… But there’s another possible reason for this end and there’s not so much fictions about it. It’s more down-to-earth, more insidious : the social apocalypse. It’s the end of our society simply caused by a financial crisis, the end of natural ressources, the end of the social relationships, egoist behaviors, religion groups confrontations… If you combine all this in a short time, it will lead to the end. So, I came with this idea in order to talk about our world while telling a dystopic story.

Throughout the album a story unfolds. Did you have anyone in mind when you were creating the main character in featured within the tale?

No, since the begining we wanted our character be very anonymous. He could be you, me, your cousin, your brother… It’s very important, because, in case of apocalypse, most of us will not be heroes. At best, we will try to survive, to collaborate with other, to take care of our family… So we wanted that everybody find himself in this main character.

I have to admit, whilst listening to this album I really felt that I was joining a voyage through a forgotten no mans land. What inspired you to create this story and invite your listeners into this world with you?

One of the first inspiration was the movie of Alfonso Cuarón “Children Of Men”. This movie is the perfect exemple of social apocalypse. And his description of futur western world is for me very relevant and lucid. Then we have been inspired by a lot of movies or books : The Road, Soylent Green, Monsters, Jeremiah, Walking Dead….

As a band you have been quite open about your respect toward refugees around the world and you have dedicated this album to people who have found themselves in difficult positions around the world, including those affected by the devestating attack on 13.11.2015.  Is there anything that you would like to say to those whom you have dedicated this album to?

There’s no much more to say. These two subjects affected us, as citizens of the world and as friend because we can’t hide ourselves from war problems and their collateral damage. I think refugees from Middle-East and what’s happened in Bataclan are collateral damages from war politics of western world.

A very busy and exciting time for you all at the moment with a new album release and some shows lined up in the near future.  What does the next chapter hold for LDDSM?

Gigs, gigs and more gigs. We are working on a show with video, like a cinema screening with live music. So, we hope we could play this as often as possible. We plan a new European tour un April 2017. And then we will see. Maybe a new record or a US or Canadian tour.

Many thanks for your time! Good luck with the new album and your upcoming shows! Hit us up if you get to the UK and I look forward to your next voyage!

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