Weak 13 is a British band founded in 1999 by Nick J.Townsend in Kidderminster, United Kingdom and is now based in the home of heavy metal. Numerous musicians have played live in Weak13.

In 2010 the band line up became Neel Parmar (Drums), Wesley Smith (Bassist) and Nick J.Townsend (Vocals & Guitar). From 2010 artistic direction and responsibility became shared between Wesley, Neel and Nick and as a functioning solid three piece the band has developed it’s own unique style.

The music is inspired by 1980’s Video Nasties, Underground music, Comic books, The Grunge and 90’s music scene and real life. Each song is a different story. Lyrics about loved ones who have passed away, songs about the future, death, life, survival, friendship, love, hate and positive thinking. All guitars on recordings are played using strange dark low tunings.

Weak13 is any style the band wants to be; every form of music in it’s rawest form. There is a song for everyone. As its main singer, producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Townsend is the longest official member of Weak13.

Their debut album ‘They Live’ is available now.

Drummer Neel Parmar has taken the time to give us this interview.

How would you describe your music?

The music we created has been often referred to as grunge, metal, punk but what our music really is is freedom. Freedom to say things and convey a message that in everyday life most people are scared to say.. that’s why a lot of people like our music because they can relate to the lyrics or believe in what we are saying.

Tell us about how the history of the band?

The band was founded by Nick J Townsend, I was actually in another band when I first came across Nick and he was promoting a event in Stourbridge which I played. Straight away I clicked with him as a person as he was selfless and a big name in the underground music scene. After I left that band Nick asked me to play drums on his new record. He sent me four songs to learn, I got to the studio and while I was warming up we started to jam…. the result was the song ‘You Don’t Love Me’ which is to this day one of the fans favourite songs. We were joined by Wesley Smith on bass and then the lineup was complete. We clicked as musicians, even though we have completely different musical tastes it just works. We then set out to help the music industry and found out that one of the greatest British rock venues and bars, JB’s in Dudley, was being forced to close, so we set up an event to save it, we did it….. but it’s amazing how many people will turn up to save a venue that wasn’t getting much of a crowd but then won’t go back after that event to help save it. Do people not understand that one time doesn’t save venues? You need to repeatedly go, it’s like people always say they love unsigned music but never actually go to see an unsigned band play if the guitarist isn’t their cousin. But that’s a different story; fast forward a few years and we recorded our album and it’s going very well.

What are you influences/ musical heroes?

My musical hero is Slash and Nikki Sixx, no they are not drummers; yes they are an inspiration. Slash and Nikki had a tough life and yet music saved their souls; everyone thinks they have had a tough life and expect pity from people; these guys didn’t; they changed the music industry through hard work and never let anybody slow them down and of course they partied like crazy….. I like to party too.

What inspires you?

My main inspiration not only as a drummer but as a musician is family and friends; a person cannot survive without them. Taking inspiration from the feeling you have with them or the times you had together make each piece of music I write emotionally attached to me.

Do you write on the road? or do you prefer to write in the studio?

We write all the time, you don’t wanna know how many little pieces of paper or napkins I have lying around with lyrics and stuff on them. You shouldn’t limit yourself to one way to write; take inspiration as it comes. Embrace it.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

My favourite song to play live with Weak13 is a song called ‘M*****F***er’. It’s just a fun song which changes each time we play it; you will never hear this song on an album but everyone loves it live.

What would be your dream tour to be a part of?

I have toured the world learning different drum techniques and other musical techniques and so after being away for so long my dream tour would be right here at home across England with Eight Great Fears – an amazing band; the guitarist was actually the producer of Weak13 debut studio album ‘They Live’. We’d call the tour “13 great cities in 8 weaks”.

What are you current thoughts on the music industry?

I tend not to think about this; a lot of people are angry with the music industry and believe that the industry owes them something; the real thing is it owes you nothing. I have been in signed bands; I have toured all over the world with them and I will tell you… it’s all done through hard work… not moaning and whining. it’s fans that make the difference; if you build up a fan base and people want to see you and won’t stop talking about you then the music industry listens. People need to get this into their heads; I don’t understand why people hate the music industry and then try to be a part of it; really you are just a lazy bum who can’t face the facts that either your not very good or that you need to change what you are doing when it comes to promotion etc. Don’t be a bitch; just enjoy your music.

What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had on tour?

Once I had a bowl of cornflakes smothered on whiskey….. that wasn’t fun…. every part of touring is fun. If you don’t enjoy it…. don’t do it.

What are your future plans?

I’m currently building a drum kit out of a mixture of recycled items and my old Pearl kit. Eventually it will have buckets…beer kegs….dustbins….maybe even a car? Oh and of course my standard four piece Pearl drum kit.

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