I recently went to meet Andy LaPlegua; lead singer and driving force behind Combichrist, at the Marble Factory in Bristol. Andy was in good spirits as we sat outside on a typical chilly English summer day, he opened a can of beer and pulled out a packet of cigarettes and we began.

Hows your day been, had a chance to look around Bristol at all? Not really, I went for a half an hour walk and found the mall and then walked back again. Then we did sound check. So that was my day so far.

I saw you last August when you played the Fleece, now your back again in less than a year. Do you like touring in the UK? I like touring, I mean we usually tend to go back to the same places, but we like new places too. You sometimes get a certain connection, certain atmosphere with the audience when you’ve been there a lot.

It was pretty intense when I saw you at the Fleece last time! There was a unexpectedly large mosh pit! Well lets see if we can make it bigger today. It is a bigger venue and everyone will probably be drinking after pay day.

To anyone who is unfamiliar with Combichrist, how would you describe your sound? You know what I have just started saying we are industrial metal core, because industrial has such a wide spectrum. As I like Industrial, we have a metal vibe and come from a hardcore background. I kept hearing your sound being called aggrotech, do you know where that came from? You know what that was? It was one interview I did … I was talking about techno and it was the most random thing I said. It wasn’t something I had thought about, but it then just became this thing.

The new album ‘This is Where Death Begins’ came out in early June. Do have a favourite on it? It’s too early to say. I like the album and its my favourite album I’ve done so far.

The video ‘My Life, My Rules’ I read that you came up with the idea of coming out of a pile of dead bodies, getting dressed and then going to perform a show. Where did this idea come from? I had this idea, which started differently. I just kinda had this idea of a hand coming up through all these dead bodies like an old skool horror movie. It was a mixture of Southern Baptists, snake handler, preacher, Christians stuff, with voodoo and witch craft. It created a cool mix with everybody on set which was great, with the snakes and the bonfire; which was like 20 feet high. It was crazy stuff.

Your currently touring with Filter and Oumi (Filter guitarist) helped you produce the new album. How did all this come about? We have toured with them quite a few times in the states. I played with the idea of having a co producer, as I have never had a co producer before. He brought a lot to the album, there is a lot more guitars on this album because of him and he would push me with my vocals. Sometimes he would say that’s good next song, others he would say that’s perfect lets do it again.  I would be like what but you said it was perfect, but he would say yeah but we can make it better.  So he kept pushing me the whole time which was cool, I can really hear that I have a stronger vocal performance on this album.

Do you have any tour stories? Always misbehaving. Well not talking about it is behaving!

What are you listening to right now? Hmm Refused, let’s see what I have been listening to on Spotify. Ok so the Gallows, Bob Marley, Billy Holiday.

Lastly if you could tour with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? David Bowie, I have a lot of artists I like for example Jonny Cash would be great. But definitely David Bowie, he is a legend.

I would like to thank Andy for taking the time to speak to me before the show. Combichrist’s latest album ‘This Is Where Death Begins’ is out now on Out Of Line Music. If you didn’t catch Combichrist on this tour, you should next time it was a blinding show.

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