The Bones of a Dying World

If These Trees Could Talk are a five-piece instrumental post-rock band from Ohio and have just come to release their third album, The Bones of a Dying World’, on the 3rd of June this year. We are very excited to have been able to get some insight from the band themselves, and hear a little about their take on the album (which, by the way, is stunning). 

If These Trees Could Talk released their first full-length album, ‘Above the Earth, Below the Sky’, in 2009. 2012 brought a self-released second album, Red Forest. Plans for production of their third album was announced in December 2014 and fans such as myself have been very excited for the release!

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Your third full-length album, The Bones of a Dying World , was released on the 3rd of June 2016! What can your fans expect in comparison to Red Forest?

I think they can expect a progression in the sound while still retaining the elements that we brought up with Red Forest. We didn’t set out to make Red Forest Part 2, and I think that comes through on this new record. We just took our sound and elevated it.

The album title certainly paints a vivid picture. Is there a story behind the title? How did you come up with it?

It’s from a Terrance McKenna quote. It kind of encompasses the overall vibe of the record. We really don’t try to make any statements with our records. We just title the tracks and title the album and let the listener run wild with it. We consciously try not to tell the listener how to interpret the record. We let them dictate that back to us.

I really enjoyed the single, Solstice, from the new album. What was it about this track that lead you to select it for release? Was it a difficult decision?

It was. We were going to lead with Earth Crawler, but after careful consideration, we felt Solstice was a better representation of where we were as a band after 4 years in between records. Solstice has all the elements that we feel the fans have come to love about the band, so we wanted to throw it all at them in one track. We felt Solstice was the best way to do that.

Many of your fans, including myself, enjoy your unique, instrumental style and have even been inspired to start their own projects! Have you ever considered introducing vocals to your music?

Not at all. We’ve all been in bands over the years with vocalists with the Trees being the first to have vocals absent. It was started that way and worked so why change the formula?

What was the inspiration behind the artwork for The Bones of a Dying World?

Our designer, Charlie Wagers, had just taken a trip to Iceland and shot all of these awesome pictures that we had at our disposal. We knew the album would take a bit of an apocalyptic feel, so we sat down and looked at what he had captured. From there, we picked the pictures that we felt best represented the album as a whole. When we started in on the artwork, we didnt even have song titles picked. We just had the album name, so we ran with that in hopes of arriving at a vision element that best represented The Bones of a Dying World.

We understand that you will play two special release shows in your home-state of Ohio. Do you have plans to tour the album elsewhere? Can we expect to see you in the UK?

Yes! We just announced a US tour that will take us across our great states in August/September. Beyond that, we will be playing at a festival in Canada in October. We’ve been talking about Europe and are discussing when it will work best for us to get out there.

Many fans have eagerly awaited the release of the new album! Do you have a message for them?

Just thanks so much for being so supportive of this band. We wouldn’t be still making records without there support. It’s so surreal to see fans from all over the world taking our music in and accepting it for what it is. All we can really say is thank you, and we hope you enjoy this record just as much as our previous efforts.

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