Italian post-rock quartet Ai Margini Della Citta  released their first EP in January this year. Thoroughly in love with their airy and euphoric use of sound I contacted them via email for an interview:

QWhat inspired you to start making music?

Making music for us means to satisfy a need, the need for translating our idea of universe, our idea of journey.

Q- Who are your influences?

“Ai Margini della Città” music lives on a huge amount of suggestions, it’s impossible to quote all of them. Within the instrumental music there are bands we definitely love: Mono, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Sigur Rós, God Is An Astronaut, This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You Black Emperor. Listening to Sigur Rós and gazing at them during a live concert has been an essential experience that has for sure influenced our way of conceiving music. It’s an experience everyone should live.

Q- Your music seems to have a Futurist ethic. Was the art movement a source of inspiration?

“Ai Margini della Città” music is affected and seduced by most of the art avant-gardes. An avant-garde assumes a resetting, not as a rejection of the past but as its profound comprehension. Our music is moving music, a dynamics of old and new sounds delocalized and sent into space.

Q- Do you have other artistic outlets besides music?

Someone of us essays other forms of art, a sign that art belongs to us and pulls us in doing something.

Q- Are lyrics something you consciously choose to omit or is it an organic process in the making of each track?

We are attracted by the possibility to work with sounds, with silences, creating full spaces and empty spaces, atmospheres and sound masses that chase each other. Lyrics could maybe be an interference for a music that has to be listened.

QAre there plans for another album and will the theme be similar?

We are working on our new album, to be released soon. It will complete the previous EP with some important news.


The band are currently contactable via Facebook and are also on Bandcamp .

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