Chastain has just released Chastainium and a new promotional video for the track “We Bleed Metal (V2017)”

Chastain has been a force in Metal for over 30 years and  Chastainium is the first album to chronicle the history of the band. 2 tracks from each of the last 8 albums showcases Chastain’s inventive and unique sound. The band originally put together by David T. Chastain and Mike Varney has created some of Metal’s iconic moments.

Says band founder and guitarist David T. Chastain, “I thought it was time for a Chastain 101 refresher course for the fans who have been following the band for many years and also an introduction course to the newer fans who may have only became acquainted with the band in 2013 with the second coming of vocalist Leather Leone and the rebirth of Chastain.” 

“I went back over the last 8 albums that stretched some 30 years and picked 2 tracks from each for what I considered the best representation of that particular album. Most all of the tracks have been remastered. Some are completely new arrangements never heard before by the fans.” 

David continues: “I have been blessed to have had a lot of high quality musicians and 2 great vocalists in the band over the years so there is lot to be proud of considering many of the albums were recorded with pretty miniscule budgets and limited studio time. Of course the bottom line for me is: ‘Was it an artistic success?’ I think the consistency thru the years is quite apparent even with the evolution of different musicians and bands.” 

Corvallis Oregon rising stars Grit have released their brand new video ‘Closer To Hate’, off of their new independently released ‘Warsworn’ EP.

Grit bassist Leland Holden has checked in with the following comment:

“Our first ever video “Closer to Hate” was shot at the Front Street Bar and Grill in Albany, Oregon, where the band played their very first live show performance. So we decided to go back and film the video there, as the location holds a very special place in the band’s history. The song can be interpreted as being about the loss of something and how that pushes someone closer to aggression and hate. For the video, the main character was portrayed as a business man that had lost his job. Not caring about the time of day, he walks into a bar and instantly looks like a fish out of water. He gets drunker and drunker as the night goes on and proceeds to not care about anyone, anything, or any of his actions. This fuels his inner anger as well as the hate of the people around him causing aggressive actions throughout the video. The night is concluded with our main character ruffed up and passed out on the front porch of the bar.”

Wednesday 13 has unveiled a brand new video for ‘Blood Sick’, the next track to be taken from his forthcoming album, ‘Condolences‘, which arrives on 2nd June via new record label home, Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Wednesday tells us “I’m really excited for you all to see the video for ‘Blood Sick’.  It was all shot on green screen with director Matt Zane.  The song is about a spider torturing a fly in its web before devouring it, and I wanted to try and capture that scenario with the band in a giant spider web.  I had this vision in my head when we first wrote the song and it’s so cool to see it finally come to life.”

London metal riff machines Harginger have released new video, ‘The End Of Time’, taken from their blistering new EP Human Dust out 16 June. To coincide with the video release, physical pre-orders of ‘Human Dust‘ have officially been launched via Basick Supplies, where the EP is available in various formats. The band are also giving away a limited edition Harbinger pin badge to the first 50 people that pre-order the new EP.

Karkaos has evolved into one of the most reputable and celebrated melodic extreme metal acts hailing from Montreal, QC. Unleashing their debut LP ‘Empire’ in 2014 and EP ‘In Burning Skies’ in 2011, this female-fronted band returns in 2017 with their forthcoming offering ‘Children of The Void’, which features new vocalist Viky Boyer, drummer Justine Ethier (Blackguard) and lead guitarist Samael Pelletier.

‘This Higher Ground’ is the emotionally powerful new single taken from the career defining album ‘Amplify’ by emerging independent artist Tess Of The Circle.

New release from Melbourne, pop-punk band Set the Score. Their brand new single ‘Homebound’ is a very personal track for singer David Bell; it deals with his feelings as he watched a lover spiral into drug addiction.For the rest of the band, it was an opportunity to step away and focus on song structure, nailing out what they believe to be the perfect mixture of thumping intro, catchy chorus, interesting bridge.

The new video from The Ellipsis is called ‘Elsewhere’, Frontman Henry Bristow says “it’s a boy meets girl story. She enchants him with her amazing dancing “all curves and hair” but he feels awkward and hopeless “all arms and legs” so “he’ll just nod his head to the music”.

Formed in 2016, Feeding was created in the wake of local Edmonton hardcore outfits Cold Lungs and Low Level disbanding. With members from each band still seeking auditory destruction, a five-song EP was rendered. It will be presented as an offering on spools of magnetic tape on April 28, 2017, through Funeral Trance Records. The debut was recorded in Feeding’s sanctum: Piss Alley by Derek Orthner (Begrime Exemious) and mastered by Brad Boatright of Audio Siege. The cassettes will bear Jason Barnett’s conception of crawling toward death. Feeding plans on touring as far as possible to spread their brand of occult death rock, and already have plans for future releases.

Far Away Stables release their debut album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’. A blistering, complex, interesting, twisting-and-turning album, Far Away Stables might just be one of Australia’s most intriguing heavy acts.

Album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’ is now available for pre-order at iTunes. They are following up the release with two release launch shows – Melbourne 3rd June at BANG! and Sydney 9th June at Red Rattler.

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