I was really excited to hear that Waylon Reavis was fronting a new band last year and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of music he would produce and what he produced is something that I can describe as mixed joy in a very good way.

Like all good metal front men Waylon has the ability to scream with the best but also to have the melodic touch that you can hear in his involvement in his previous band ‘Mushroomhead’.   It is very hard to talk about Waylon without mentioning Mushroomhead because no doubt that is where most metal fans first heard him especially when he debuted on the Saviour Sorrow album which is in my opinion a phenomenal album to showcase his talent.

I’ll probably only mention Waylon’s involvement in the before mentioned band one or two more times because A Killer’s Confession is more than just one man. The album is definitely heavier than I expected but it has just enough melodic hooks in their first three songs to keep me listening especially the song ‘1080p’.  It has a strong message and a mix of tempo to give it depth that I haven’t personally heard in a while. The first half of the ‘Unbroken’ album is not that far removed from Waylon’s previous work which I expected given the amount of years he has been with Mushroomhead and it only seems natural that there is some influence but then it launches into a brutal unforgiving assault with songs like ‘L.O.L (Life of the Lost)’ and ‘Final Breath’.

Waylon’s voice is definitely recognisable with his very impressive growling and switching to the melodies effortlessly. He shows that he can hold his own as a frontman . The guitars sound very meaty, relentless, brutal in parts with some haunting shrieks thrown in. Matt Trumpy, Paul Elliot and JP Cross on Bass bring a heavy rawness to the sound of ‘A Killer’s Confession’ and it is welcomed especially if they want to be noticed as there are so many other bands out there trying to break through. They are also not afraid to try different styles with some well known names making their sounds heard most notably ‘Brian Head Welch’ from Korn lending his very distinctive sound to the mix. Also ‘Revillusion’ make an appearance on the track ‘Judas Kiss’ which is one of my favourites.

At the beginning I described this album as mixed joy. The reason is that I really enjoyed this album but at different times because there is such variety here and whether I am just walking down the street or at the gym (trying so hard to get that summer body) there is a soundtrack.  The very radio friendly ‘1080p’ to the heavy ‘Reason’ and the somewhere in between ‘I Will Define You’ gives you some indication that A Killers Confession will get a solid following.  I feel it is very solid debut and to really appreciate this album you might want to give it a few listens because it very clear that A Killer’s Confession are proud of what they have achieved and I can not wait to see what the second album brings us.

A Killer's Confession - Unbroken

Released: 2017
Record Label: EMP Label Group
Band Website: Facebook
Buy Album: BandCamp

4.3Overall Score

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