Winners of Bloodstock’s ‘Metal 2 The Masses’ (Corby finals) and seen live at the prestigious festival in 2015 on the ‘New Blood’ stage, Northampton modern metal band From Eden To Exile have announced they’ll release their debut album ‘Modern Disdain’ on 2nd June, via Attic Records / PHD.Listen to lead single ‘Volatile’ and you’ll discover the perfect gateway to ‘Modern Disdain’.

Here is the new single from Stoke’s Peter118 called ‘Radio’. Originally a member in the secular punk band Senseless, receiving positive reviews from Kerrang! and Rock Sound along the way, Peter Field found a new song to sing in 2005 when he became a Christian.

Rising stars Courtesans have been invited to perform live at the UK’s number one metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air, at Catton Park, Derbyshire this Summer. Courtesans play the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday the 13th of August 2017.

Demonstrating musical diversity and making waves with their forthcoming new EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’, this extraordinary band joins an extraordinary bill which includes Amon Amarth, Megadeth, Skindred, Arch Enemy, Hatebreed, Testament, King 810 and many more. Ahead of the release of their EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’, Courtesans are streaming a new track, ‘Knowhere’.

Courtesans vocalist Sinead La Bella says, “To perform at Bloodstock is incredible exciting. It’s a huge honour to play the Sophie Lancaster Stage, her legacy is at the heart of our ethics. We are advocates of equality and have a zero tolerance to any form of prejudice. We hope to raise a few eyebrows and stir some s**t up!”

Broken  Jaw are a four piece punk metal band originating from Stroud, Cheltenham and Gloucester. They mix punk energy, metal riffs, harmonious choruses and all kinds of crazy stage antics to bring pleasure to your ear holes and a smile to your face! This is their new single ‘Can’t’ from upcoming album ‘Hope’

Realms Of Odoric, the artwork / soundtrack project by Arkadius Antonik (SuidAkrA) and illustrator Kris Verwimp, have released another video of a song from the current album ‘Second Age’. The video features animated illustrations by Kris Verwimp.

Realms Of Odoric have also announced the release of an MCD entitled ‘The Cymbric Age’, which will be published via MDD.

Sydney’s Far Away Stables are poised to release their debut album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’ into the world on Friday May 12th. After having such success with their previous releases – their two formative EPs are now completely sold out and out of print – this new release for the band – who have toured across Australia, USA and South East Asia – is a pivotal moment for them. A bold, interesting, confident, heavy, but melodic turn, it will engage fans new and old.

Today they are bringing their first single from the record to the table. A burning, thumping track entitled ‘Caldera’ and with it comes a gorgeous black and white video shot by Neal Walters. ‘Caldera’ is now released via the band’s Facebook page and Youtube – and is now available in Spotify and iTunes.

Caution: Thieves’ EP “Songs from the Great Divide” is out now. They are today releasing their video for the final track on the EP, entitled “And You’ll See the End,”  it caps off “Songs from the Great Divide” with a poignant moment and considerably slower tempo than the blistering pace of the rest of the EP.

It’s a track that is particularly close to vocalist Nicholas Simonsen’s heart, saying I reached a point in my life where I was so far from the human being that I wanted to be. I was sabotaging relationships in my life, pushing away issues that I had and just refusing to see that I could change for the better. And You’ll See The End is about me starting on the right path. I finally took steps to work on myself and getting a grasp on my mental health. The first step was writing this song”

‘Songs from the Great Divide’ EP is live now at Caution: Thieves webstore and at iTunes and all good online retailers.

Portuguese thrash metal quartet Adamantine has shared a new music video for ‘Heroes & Villains’, the title track of the band’s recently released second full-length album. Released on March 24th via Allegiance Recordings, the new album was produced and mixed by guitarist/vocalist André Bettencourt and follows-up the band’s debut full-length ‘Chaos Genesis’ issued in 2012.

Imperium Dekadenz are releasing a music video featuring their classic track ‘Schwarze Wälder’, which was originally released on their debut full-length ‘…und die Welt ward kalt und leer’ (2006). The German black metal stalwarts comment: “With this music clip revolving around the classic track ‘Schwarze Wälder’, we are returning to our debut full-length. Horaz has filmed the impressive nature of our Black Forest home on his meandering hiking trips and intertwined them with impressions from our show at Summerbreeze Open Air 2014. Our deep roots in the valleys and woods of our region are meeting the original black metal of our early days – charges with pure raw energy.”

Krysthla have revealed ‘The Minor Mystery Of Death’, the third single and official music video from their new album ‘Peace In Our Time’ which was 7th April. It has broken into Amazon UK’s official chart already, where it hit the number two spot, sandwiched between Deep Purple and Mastodon, alongside other new releases by Kreator, While She Sleeps, Bodycount and more.

Guitarist Neil Hudson says of the track: “The Minor Mystery Of Death is about embracing the end. Death is an absolute certainty and we’re living lives that seem like they’re going to last forever until it’s too late and your mortality is thrust into your hands. We’re very precious towards our lives but don’t actually live them.”

Peace In Our Time was influenced by Krysthla’s 2016 European tour with Decapitated – with Hudson revealing that one experience on the road will live with him forever:

“On the Greek border, I saw a refugee girl stood on the other side of the motorway while we were parked up getting fuel. She saw us looking over at the thousands of grubby tents cooking the inhabitants in the scorching heat and fixed her eyes on me for a few seconds. “I gave her a nod. She jumped over the barrier and ran over the motorway to the garage, dodging traffic on her way. She walked over, looked me straight in the eye, said something in Syrian and gave me a highfive and hugged my leg. “I left a bit of me behind that day. We sobbed in the van as we left. It was utterly heart breaking to hear the hum of bodies murmuring in the boiling sun.” Hudson adds: “The album is influenced heavily, and almost solely by the fact I am a father. With so much unrest and violence in the world, it’s easy to turn your back and pretend none of it has an impact on your life. “Or somehow because it’s a long way from home it’s someone else’s problem. War does not sleep. War does not stop. It doesn’t choose who dies and who lives. But the people who light the fire and fan the flames do.”