Regulation Nine – All The Right Directions

From the Nashville based band Regulation Nine, the single “All The Right Directions” packs the brunt of the state’s blues heritage into the newer genres of metal. It gains its quirk immediately from its experimental introduction  - an echolalia of progressive sounding reverberate guitars. The passionate soaring voice of feisty frontman Rodney Noffsinger is reminiscent of hard rock singers such as Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson. Nevertheless, Noffsinger bares his own individualistic tenor – an artful anger worth savouring.

A real-headbanger, the sudden upbeat drums thunder in like an unexpected storm – melodic movements soaring along with the vocal lines like two fighter jets. With the combinative poise of distorted strummings, and the song’s catchy musical hooks, this song is one for fans of hard rock, or otherwise.

Its guitar solo takes a whistle stop tour of metal stylistics in one adroit swoop. From screeching simplicity to spider-handed complexity, the solo soon becomes more progressive and harmonious; tantalising flavours of Slash-like noodlings become Synster Gates-ish tappings; it climaxes in one epiphanic scream.

The architectural construction of the song holds fast, allowing room for violent energetic, epileptic note showers. Its structural integrity only contributes to its impactful power. Regulation Nine’s writing showcases a tenacious construction of instrumentality. It is adrenalin-fuelled, and in its audiences reciprocates a similar energetic wonder.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Katt Parkins

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